XAPK Installer v4.6.4 Download | Latest Version [21.59MB]

XAPK Installer is an app that you can use to install .xapk files to the Android smartphones and devices easily. This app is freeware so you can download it for free.

XAPK is a method of installing all the compressed apps in the format of the apk. Therefore most of the time the XAPK Installer all of you surely came across the format of the XAPK. The XAPK is usually along with the OBB files. Currently, this is the time to stop the usage of the OBB installing. There are many more errors occurring due to these OBB. Now the XAPK has taken the place of the previous android installers. Install any type of an app by using the XAPK Installer. XAPK Installer can do that very easily.

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How to Install the XAPK Installer to Your Android Device?

XAPK Installer v4.6.4 Download [21.59MB]

APK NameXAPK Installer
Latest Versionv4.6.4
Android VersionAndroid 4.1+

  1. At first, use the stated download button for the downloading process of the XAPK Installer.
  2. Prior to the installation process allow for the permissions of the ” unknown options” by the settings folder. If you haven’t enabled it the download process will be totally disturbedxapk installer latest version
  3. Go to the downloaded apk file and open it.xapk installer download
  4. Then open the installer and allow for the all requested permissions for the app.
  5. After clicking on the install. Users can work with the app after this process.xapk installer for android

By following the stated process here, the app could be able to download and install successfully. 

What is the XAPK Installer?

The XAPK is a very newest version of the installation of more types of files here. As described above the XAPK came into the scene just after the OBB. That is similar to the replacement of the apps.

xapk installer apk

Just after the installation of the above XAPK Installer, you won’t ever experience the errors that occurred due to the previous installers. Those errors would occur due to more unknown issues. There are many more advantages that can get by installing an app like the XAPK Installer. Because the whole installation process makes it much easier along with an app like this.

The final aim of this XAPK Installer is to provide the users with a much easier process of installation of any type of app. Each and every user has to keep one thing in their mind. That is the need of the separate installer for the installation of the file formats of the XAPK. That is due to Google hasn’t approved this XAPK format yet.

While using this installer the all users would be able to feel just as using a daily downloader of the apk files that you have downloaded earlier. The users have to be capable of exploring certain file items that they need in order to carry out the process of installation. After exploring that thing the whole procedure is very simple.

There are no difficulties that can be seen by the XAPK Installer. Actually, every user has to say thank you to the developers of the app. Because they have introduced a new installer after correcting all the issues that took place while downloading the file in the format of the XAPK. Make Installing Apps much easier by using this amazing and diverse installer.

Features of the XAPK Installer

  • Shows all the contents located in the device

You can obtain all contents that are on the Android device easily. The file browser will show all contents included in the storage of the device. Apart from that, it will show that all contents included in the SD card too. That is a much useful app due to its features.

  • Scan all formats of the files

Can scan all the files with the various formats by using this XAPK Installer. Use the XAPK Installer to scan the format of the XAPK as well as the format of the Apks even. That scanning process makes the overall process of the device as well as the process of the installer.

  • Deleting process

The deleting process of all file items is a very easy process. Even that is an automatic process. Those files will be deleted automatically just after the installation of them to certain devices. Those file items mean the formats of the XAPK as well as the apk files. 

Due to this feature, the users don’t want to spend much more time and the excessive effort to a certain task. Therefore this is the best Installer that anyone could explore.

  • Permissions

Require more types of permissions in order to work with the app. Certainly, the user has to allow access to all of those requirements. If the user won’t allow for those, the work with the app can’t be correctly done. At the initial time, even the users have to allow for some permissions. That has to be allowed at the time that the installer is exploring the file needed for the installation process. If you want to work with the app successfully definitely you have to allow for them.

  • Requirements for the usage

In order to use this XAPK Installer the minimum requirement for the usage is the android version 4.1 and upwards. If the user hasn’t such a device along with them, any user wouldn’t be able to use this app Therefore if you haven’t a device with that version that person is unable to use this app.

  • Much more enjoyable

Certainly, the usage of this app is much more beneficial. There are more files so that the users can get more fun things. Because the users could obtain more games and other fun apps as compressed file items. Install such file items by using this XAPK Installer just within some more time.

  • Deleting the cache data

This is an automatic process that can be proceeded while using the XAPK Installer. If you want to delete all the cache that is a very simple process along with this installer. 

There won’t be any extra time needed to clean your device. The installer will do that process within a few seconds as well as very easily. 

  • Compatible with much more devices

The installer can be used with many more devices. Some of the devices that the installer can be used are the android devices, tablets as well as the pc. By that task, the procedure of the work of all devices can be done very easily.

  • Guaranteed app

The XAPK Installer is a well-guaranteed app that can be used by anyone. The XAPK Installer has tested much more. The results of all those tests are positive. Against the security test, the XAPK Installer has passed. Finally, the app proved that it is free from all the harmful contents like the virus and other harmful malware. So the XAPK Installer is free from all the treats here. 

  • Wanted a special Installer

The installer is needed very essentially. That is wanted for the XAPK formats for sure. Because Google hasn’t identified this format yet. Therefore there are no other installers to install the items in this format. Due to that reason, the app is much more beneficial for all users of the app.

  • Easier and faster

Both qualities are available in the app. Actually those both of them are more needed qualities while using an app. Apart from that, every user is looking for these features when they start to use any type of app. Fortunately, the XAPK Installer is along with the above facts. There are more types of automatic processes here. Therefore those processes will happen automatically as we are at a higher speed. Finally, the user is benefitted by the procedure of the installer itself.

  • Best manager

The Installer is the best manager that each and every user could understand. All apps that have been installed previously can be managed by this app successfully. Because of that reason any user won’t have to worry about the installed apps. And even it will manage the apps that install via the XAPK Installer too.

The stated points will show all the significant features of the above XAPK Installer. Especially keep in mind that the installer has to use especially at the occasions of installing the XAPK file formats.

Pros and Cons of the XAPK Installer


  • Quick performing app 
  • Can use for the management of many sections of the devices 
  • Can use to download any file format 
  • A great alternative to downloading the APK file items. 
  • Can assign locks to the app to get more security
  • Save data by installing the app once and just transfer it on to another device 
  • There are no regional restriction problems occurring due to the performance of the app. The users would be able to download any item here. 


  • Required much more permissions 
  • The download process is somewhat harder as it appears

Therefore any user can be observed that there are many more advantages here. But only two disadvantages appear while using the app. If you want to use this app now this is the time. 

How to Work With the XAPK Installer?

As described in the above, just opening the app the work can be started. If you have a much understanding quality the overall procedure is more simple. In the following, you would be able to see some facts that can be arisen while the usage of the app.

  • Suspicious apps

While using the installer sometimes the users would be able to see some suspicious apps. If you have noticed such an app, what you have to do is kick out the app from the device. Then after uninstalling the app from your device forever. That is the perfect step that can be taken for the removal of such an app from the device. 

  • Other additional services

The user has to observe this fact thoroughly. Because there can be more additional services that can be downloaded along with the apps. As a user, you are responsible for this task. Therefore make sure there is no such type of content by going through with the downloads. 

By taking all stated facts into the concern, anyone could work with the app successfully. But there is another factor left with us. That is a factor that many people take into consideration. 

Safety and Legality 

As described in the above the all tests have proven that this installer is free from all harmful things. Therefore there are no such harmful outcomes for the device by this installer. The installer is a legally confirmed app. Therefore the app does not have any urgent legal issues. If you concern about these facts at more time, then the problem solved now. 


Q: How do I convert the XAPK format files?

A: initially the user has to end the download procedure of the XAPK file items. Then open the file manager folder. Then after renaming the extension of the downloaded item into a zip. Long press on the file now. By that, the file will be decompressed. Then after you have to be able to see two file items as the android file as well as the apk file. Click on the android file and enter to the OBB content.

Q: What is the difference between the apk file and the XAPK file? 

A: The apk files could be downloaded and installed by using a default install option. But the XAPK files are containing the other apk files as well as some other useful files. Those other contents even needed to run the device. 

Q: Is XAPK safe? 

A: yes this is proven to be safe. While installing some applications, the users had to pay much more attention to the procedure. But after several tests against the app, the XAPK had proved the safety. 

Q: Can I trust this app? 

A: yes, certainly the users that use this app can trust the application totally. This app is from a well-trusted source. 

The above description shows a perfect guide given to use XAPK Installer. Definitely this is the grate guide. If the reader is a person expecting to use this installer certainly read twice or thrice the above description. Definitely that is an installer having many more benefits. If you desire to realize the app further certainly you have to utilize the app. Then the decision is up to yourselves.

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