ShareMe APK 2.12.07 Download | Latest Version (11.7MB)

ShareMe is the best file-sharing app (APK) for all Platforms. It has more types of functions. It will support almost all types of android devices. Even though it has a simple structure, anyone can install the app and work with the app simply. Some of you are worrying that it is having hard processes to continue. But don’t worry, it is just a simple app. Catch its most valuable features by clicking here. Certainly, you will like ShareMe Apk.


How to Download Shareme Apk for Android?

ShareMe Apk 2.12.07 Download [11.7MB]

APK NameShareMe
Latest Versionv2.12.07
Android VersionAndroid 4.4+

By following simple steps you would be able to get the Shareme apk into your device. Follow the below steps as mentioned here.

  • As you are using an android device, download the apk using the above link.
  • Then find the downloaded ShareMe apk file.
  • Open and install the app.
  • Sometime later the app would finish installing process.
  • Launch the ShareMe Apk and start sharing with it.

So then the user would be able to continue the tasks freely.

What is Shareme apk?

ShareMe Apk is the #1 file sharing app in the play store and it is from Xiaomi Inc. Actually it is an improved sharing application. Certainly, by that, every user could get multiple benefits. If you are going to download and work with the app, certainly you should know these facts. While getting this app make sure that you are getting the latest version, which is 1.29.9. All existing bugs have been fixed with the app. Shareme has been offered by Xiaomi Inc. Over 50 million people have accumulated over the app. Aware of such details before getting this app to your devices.

shareme apk


  • ShareMe Apk supports very speedily transferring files from one device to another. When you want to transfer files within your device to another of your friends or siblings, just open this app and continue using it.
  • The place won’t be affected by the sharing. At anytime anywhere, the user would be able to share any files anywhere
  • No ads appear while using the app. The Shareme apk is supported for both devices on the android and ios devices.
  • All Android devices including Xiaomi, oppo, Samsung, Realme, Oneplus, LG, and every other android device are compatible with the app. If you have such an app, you would totally experience it.
  • The app developers have aimed for personal privacy as well as the security of the users. Therefore while using ShareMe Apk the users don’t need to worry about their security and their safety. It is 100% assured.
  • Share all types of files by the app. As stated here through ShareMe Apk you would be able to file videos, images, and music at anywhere anytime.
  • No requirement for an Internet connection in order to share the existing files. Shareme Apk is free from network connections. Although this app works free with mobile data.
  • Shareme is a very fast app. When compares with Bluetooth, it is having a speed of 200 times faster than Bluetooth
  • Shareme is has a very friendly UI.
  • Sometimes the file transferring could get interrupted while transferring takes place. Don’t worry you would be able to resume file transfer with only one tap
  • There are no restrictions against the usage of the app. Therefore every user should be able to share any file at any size.
  • There are more other languages support for the Shareme apk. Therefore any user would be able to start working with it.

How to Download ShareMe for PC

Just as the above there are only a few simple steps in order to get the app successfully for your pc. Follow them and install the app here.

  • First of all, you need an android emulator for that task.
  • Get a perfect android emulator such as BlueStacks.
  • Then download the APK file using the link.
  • Then search to find the Shareme apk which you downloaded before.
  • Click on the install tab to get the app onto your pc.
  • Sometime later the app would be downloaded.
  • Open the app and start what you want in there.

These are very simple steps to be followed. Install it and start working with ShareMe Apk easily. Your all tasks would be easy too.

How to Use ShareMe APK

First of all, you should have to install ShareMe Apk for your device. Then launch the app. By that, you could edit your device nickname. By using an identification name, the other person would be able to discover your device easily for sharing. Then you should have to select whether you are going to receive files or send files. First, we move to the file sending options. Select the send option. Then all contents of your device will appear. By that, you have chosen the items you are going to share. Select the photos, videos, or device files. Altogether the user is able to send the apps too. Make sure the other device is also ready to receive them.

Then the connecting of two devices has to be done. There are three options for the connection of two devices. You could connect the devices by Bluetooth, by WiFi, or by scanning the QR code too. Select an easy method for that. In order to receive some files from a nearby device, you have to be ready after turning on WiFi or Bluetooth. In this way, you could use ShareMe Apk successfully.

Safety and legality

Safety and legality are basic facts that any user has to find when installing an app. For file-sharing, you have to choose a secure app basically. Because sometimes we want to share our personal details too. Therefore we have to install an app with 100% security. If not, we are at risk of thieves. Don’t worry about that when you install Shareme for your device. Because it is totally secure. There are no harmful things contained in the ShareMe Apk. Although there won’t be any legal restrictions on the app. Use it without any issue.

Final Words

By the stated facts surely readers could understand how to use ShareMe Apk and how to work with the app successfully. Actually, this is an easy app for you to use. Always privacy protected and have much more advantages here. Now it’s your turn to try it and judge the app. I’m sure that you will explore much more information about ShareMe Apk.

EasyShare APK Download | Latest Version (25.9MB)

EasyShare is an app (APK) that can use for file sharing anytime, anywhere. It is really easy to use. On the occasions that you want to share anything on your device with another person, this is a perfect app for that purpose. If you haven’t tried this EasyShare apk, this is your chance to try it and discover more functions by the EasyShare apk.


How to Download EasyShare Apk for Android

EasyShare Apk Download [25.9MB]

APK NameEasyShare
Latest Versionv5.6.10.4
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

Installing this EasyShare apk is quite simple for your android device. Here follow these simple steps in order to successfully install this EasyShare apk into your android device.

  • Click the above download button to download the APK file.
  • After that search for the app named EasyShare and locate the downloaded apk.
  • Again the app will be on the downloaded apk list.
  • Choose the correct app and tap on the install tab to successfully finish the installation process.
  • Within few minutes the app would finished download.

After finishing that the user is capable of working with EasyShare apk.  Certainly, you can finish working with the app perfectly. Try it and choose if it is perfect or not for you.

What is EasyShare Apk? 

EasyShare apk is actually a powerful app with super fast speed. It doesn’t even contain any advertisements in the app. The app supports Android devices upward 4.0 and upwards. Easily the app can be downloaded into your pc or android device easily. The average rating of the app is 4.8 stars from the 5 stars. The files can transfer by Bluetooth and by using the wireless LAN. By using these two options send what you want anywhere at any time. Although most people are worried about the file sizes. Don’t worry you could send any alt file at any size. There won’t be any limitations for the file sizes. If you need to understand more facts regarding the EasyShare apk use it and check yourselves about the app.

Now you know only some facts about this EasyShare apk. Then after that actually before you download this app, please let me know the following basic facts. Because that could be beneficial. The latest version of the app is Get that version because it contains more and more beneficial facts. Although it is only about 22 MB. The app has offered by Vivo communication technology co. Ltd. Until now over 100 million users have accumulated with the app too.

easyshare apk

EasyShare Apk Features

  • Experience with file transferring file-sharing options.
  • The EasyShare is available on the play store. Therefore you don’t want to spend much time searching the apps.
  • When considering the other sharing apps, this is one of the faster apps. You could get excessive use by that.
  • EasyShare is an add-free app. Therefore anyone can use it without disturbing their app experience.
  • This is not an app, working when there is an Internet connection. But also it is working without the Internet connection too. Because of that, the Internet connection is not necessary for working with the app.
  • There is a wide group of communities for the app. Those people would love the app, due to the amazing features contained in the app.
  • It is having a speed of up to 40MB per second. So this is known as an app containing lightning-fast file sharing speed.
  • The user would be able to use it anytime anywhere. Even you could share files when you waking on the roads even.
  • When phone replacement taking place, ultrafast speed is working.
  • It is supported for all android devices. Therefore an every android device user is able to share files by the EasyShare apk.
  • Other than android devices, the EasyShare app supports IOS, Mac, and Windows devices too. If you have such a device, you fluid work with that.
  • Very stable app.
  • 100% security is provided.
  • Cross-platform is an ability that is provided with this EasyShare apk. That means this EasyShare apk will transfer lots of the file types in different formats. Just one tap will do the trick.
  • This is very useful at such times when you are shifting to a new device. Just one tap and a few minutes will do transfer the files from the old device to the new one.

How to Download EasyShare for PC

In order to use this app for your pc, now you have to get that app onto your device. Follow these steps for that.

  • You want an android emulator for this purpose.
  • If you didn’t get such an android emulator, this is the time to get it. BlueStacks is such a great emulator.
  • After getting an android emulator, launch downloads the apk using the link.
  • Then search for the EasyShare within downloaded apps.
  • The app would be displayed there as an APK.
  • Then tap on the install tab to finish downloading the task.
  • After taking few minutes the process would be finished.

Now it is time to start working with the app. Discover more uses of that app.

How to Use EasyShare Apk

It is quite easy to use EasyShare Apk with any device on any platform. It is so simple. No complex structures could be found out from there. Therefore just install the app. Then allow for the permissions requested by the app. Then only you can work with the app. Just some small taps are needed for this EasyShare apk. I assume it’s better to work with the app, after downloading. Then the user would understand the procedure of the apps.

Safety and legality

Safety and legality are the main factors that have to consider about. Because the app affects the device’s security too. Device security can be harmed due to the lack of security of the device. Therefore it is so important. But don’t worry EasyShare Apk is safe. Always install the app from safe sources. Even the apps downloaded from the Google Play Store are legally allowed as well as there is no harmful content. That is 100%. There won’t any legal restrictions over the app also. Therefore anyone could be able to use EasyShare Apk freely.

Final Words

This is the EasyShare apk. It has very simple steps and simple functions. Start using this amazing app from today onwards. You will feel the difference in the app from the first day onwards. Now you know most of all details about the app. I think it is really easy to continue working with the app.

XShare Apk Download | Latest Version (19.7MB)

XShare is the app (APK) that is popular to be the fastest file transfer in this world. There may be more other functions by using this app certainly. By joining with the app you will get more functions. It would be the best manager for your device as well.  XShare Apk has a very high speed of file transmission. Also, it is a more convenient resource for transferring files. No traffic for the sharing. Quickly share all the files that you need to transfer.


How to Download XShare Apk for Android?

XShare Apk Download [19.7MB]

APK NameXShare
Latest Versionv3.0.7.006
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

It is very easy and only has some simple steps for downloading the XShare apk. Follow these simple steps to download it.

  • Click the download button here to download the apk.
  • Then click the XShare apk file to install.
  • Then you will find the respective app.
  • Tap on the install tab to get the app.
  • A few minutes later the XShare Apk would be installed.

Then users have successfully installed the app onto your device. Proceed with your tasks.

What is XShare Apk?

XShare Apk is an app that allows for sharing more things. The app is famous for the secure sharing of more files. Transfer and share what you want here. Share all videos and transfer them to another one. This XShare apk will support all types of file formats. Although the sharing apps not only support the file types but also for other things such as music, video, audio, zip, word, excel, or any other. So that the user doesn’t want to spend more than other data.

If you are going to install XShare Apk and work with it, observe these basic facts about the app. Install the latest version of the app, it is 3.0.3. 005. And the XShare is offered by the Shaltry. It is only about 19 MB. Now, this app is widely popular among 100 million users. This is a mostly secure app therefore start using it and feel how it works.

xshare apk


  • Sharing all of the file types such as word, zip, video, app, music, and other all file types. Also, no data is required for transferring those files.
  • Just similar to the other apps, you don’t want to scan QR codes and all. Only you have to just tap once.
  • XShare Apk has a super transferring speed. Even it is faster than the Bluetooth transfer rate
  • Share photos, files, videos, and music at anytime anywhere that the user wanted to
  • It is known to be the best file manager. It is organizing files. So it is very easy to manage, view, and delete moreover.
  • XShare Apk has an advanced UI. Even though it had improved much more. Due to the new improvements, the app has to gain more modifications in the speed of the sharing
  • For flash transferring, you don’t need any network. Sometimes you want to share some files in larger sizes. Don’t worry about the uploading methods. It doesn’t want more data for transfer. The transferring speed won’t vary with the file sizes.
  • This is a fully secure app. This app should have to be safe. Because you are sharing your personal details too.
  • As above stated this is acting as a file manager too. Therefore the users would be able to view and delete the required file items in the same app.
  • The XShare apk is supporting for most android devices. You can send the larger files and all other ones on one occasion at once.
  • No restrictions on the network.
  • Can share the files that are located in the internal memory.
  • Watching the videos is really easy with XShare Apk. It becomes much easy because of the built-in video player.
  • Quickly matching the QR code. That is a must on the file receiver’s and sender’s devices.

How to Download XShare for PC?

As stated in the previous paragraphs, the app can be downloaded easily to your pc too. There are only a few steps to finish downloading. Follow these for it.

  • You need an android emulator for installing this XShare successfully.
  • If you haven’t downloaded such an android emulator, download it.
  • Then download the Xshare APK to your pc.
  • Import the APK file into the android emulator.
  • Go to files in the emulator and install the XShare.
  • Tap on the install tab that could be observed in there
  • A few seconds later the app would be installed.

Then feel free and continue your all-sharing tasks with this amazing app. It’s free to use.

How to Use XShare Apk

The XShare apk is a simple app for you to use. There are only a few steps to use this app. When you install this app and try it once, certainly the user will realize how it works. Proceed with the app tasks simply. When you are going to share some files or any other ones, make sure that both devices have installed the app. Just two steps for transferring.

  • Select which files that you wanted to share or receive. After pairing up two devices send or receive files
  • Tap receiver and just pair up two devices by scanning the QR codes
  • Then tap on the connection and finish the sending purpose successfully.

So now you can understand that XShare Apk is pretty easy and simple to use. Here is your chance to use it and test it. Proceed with your work.

Safety and legality

This is a most common fact that everyone should consider. Usage of an unsecured app can harm your device. Therefore certainly as a user, you should be concerned about that. But don’t worry, your device won’t be harmed by using XShare Apk. It doesn’t contain any harmful software or any other things. Even XShare Apk is legally allowed to be used. There won’t be any restrictions on the app. If you are satisfied with these specific facts, now start using the app. Here’s your chance.

Final Words

Actually, I have to say that XShare Apk is a beneficial app for everyone. Because it is always support for sharing purposes. Now you know too much about the app. Just rest with what you have to do. Try it and experience it by yourself. Judgment is within you.

App Lock APK 3.6.1 Download | Latest Version (22.3MB)

App Lock is an app (APK) for the protection of privacy on your device. Certainly, this app would be beneficial for people who are extremely thinking about device safety. Lock the required apps and hide photos by installing this app. Support for cloud syncing and for fingerprint support are even available with this app. The App lock Apk is widely popular among 50 countries worldwide. Although app loch supports up to 45 languages. Using the fingerprint, password, or else with the pattern can enable privacy of the device and apps.

app lock

How to Download App Lock Apk for Android?

App Lock Apk 3.6.1 Download [22.3MB]

APK NameApp Lock
Latest Versionv3.6.1
Android VersionAndroid 4.1+

 The installation procedure of the app is not a complicated one. Only a few steps.

  • Click here to download the App Lock APK file.
  • Then after download, the APK, head to files.
  • You will find it on there.
  • Then tap on the install tab.
  • It will take few seconds to install the App Lock Apk.
  • Then start working with the app can be started.

Now users can enable the required function and proceed to work with it.

What is App Lock Apk?

App lock Apk can protect your privacy 100%. Don’t worry about the working of the app. It is 100% accurate. The users can lock the apps that contain their personal details. Especially apps such as Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Simply we can say that the user could choose which apps to be protected. It prevents unauthorized users from using your device. Ensure the safety of the device. Hiding pictures and videos is also allowed here. By using this feature those images and videos will have vanished from the gallery. But the photo and video vault will display those hidden ones.

If there are some private memories for you, those also can be hidden. No way for others. When the user enters into the hidden parts, there is an. Invisible pattern as well as random keyboard. Safer with the app. App lock Apk is only about 17.25 MB-sized apps. Believe that such a small app is doing a great task for a device. The latest version of it is 3.5.3. Although now over 100 million people have accumulated over the app. Now it has been optimized well. Because users experience it better. Here is only a brief description of this app. Explore more functions by joining the app.

app lock apk


  • Everyone knows that this App lock Apk is the best solution in order to keep your device safe. Especially the apps that contain more private details are secure with this app. You should secure the apps such as Facebook, messenger, messages, call logs, WhatsApp and Instagram definitely. Because if it had been revealed to anyone, it would lead to some serious conditions.
  • Hiding private pictures and videos is another option that anyone would explore within this app. Certainly, your device will contain more private files. When another one uses your device if that person sees those files what will happen. Therefore it is better to lock those images and videos with an App lock Apk. This app will help you on such an occasion for sure.
  • Although there is one another occasion. That is what will happen if another person observes the pattern or the pin while you are entering the app. Don’t worry they can’t observe your pin or password. Because the app has provided that invisible keyboards as well as a random pattern. You are safer with the app.
  • Now you won’t worry about the other extraordinary facts such as parents checking your device. Although never worry about playing games with the other ones. Don’t worry that the other ones are never taking your passwords and all required facts.
  • Never worry about messing up your device with the other ones who use your device.
  • The hiding pictures on the device would have automatically vanished from the gallery too.

More Features

  • There the users can create multiple profiles on the same device. By that, the users could be able to group the app types into separate groups.
  • The app requires only low energy. Also, the app supports for the battery saving modes
  • Advanced protections are empowered by this app. It prevents the App lock killing by the task killer.
  • A special lock system is provided by the app by preventing messing up your device by kids App lock Apk will get and collect the private facts about the user details.
  • Now it had been optimized than before. Even though users will explore newer features.
  • Force stop cover is available.
  • Can easily enable or disable App lock Apk with only a single tap.
  • You can hide the App lock Apk icon.
  • By assigning the app lock Apk with timing, you could get the apps unlocked and locked for a certain time period.

How to Download App Lock for PC

 As previously stated there are few simple steps in order to get the app onto your device.

  • Before downloading the app, install an android emulator.
  • Launch the android emulator.
  • Then search for the name App lock and download the APK.
  • Click on the install after getting the correct app.
  • Start working with it.

How to Use App Lock Apk

After installing the app you would be able to start working with this App lock apk. Then this is the chance to enable the best security for your device. With this app, you could create a specific pin or password. That pin will help you to lock up something that you don’t want to reveal to anyone. That is a very simple app to use. When you are entering the app for the first time you should have set up an unlock password. Assign a password with four digits at the end. Click OK.

Again enter the same password and tap on OK. Then the user will find the main lock tab. This is the place where you could select which apps that you need to lock. Also, there are multiple locking up policies available. By the settings, you would be able to change the options and policies available there. Anytime a user could rename or else change the passwords there.

Safety and legality

Safety and legality have to be best in this type of app. Because this App Lock Apk is for your device’s security and for legality. Until now there is no kind of restrictions for this app. Therefore it is a legally permitted app. Although by installing this app for your device, it won’t harm you. Because it doesn’t contain any harmful functions. Use it without any issue.

Final Words

Finally, we can conclude that this is a type of beneficial app for everyone. App Lock Apk is a simple app that is for your device’s safety. Ensure the security of the device with this type of app. Explore more features on this app contained here.

Tasker Apk 5.14.8 Download | Latest Version (11.19MB)

Tasker is an app (APK) that automates the whole device. That means the whole device can change by using this Tasker Android App. Let’s see how that is possible. Tasker can alter the operating system of your device onto a fully customizable operating system. By converting into a Customise operating system the users could get more benefits. With that device, users can automate their tasks easily. Actually, this is a must-try app. The users can schedule multiple tasks according to their contexts. Likewise, there are multiple benefits that can obtain by this Tasker apk.


How to Download Tasker Apk for Android

Tasker Apk 5.14.8 Download [11.19MB]

APK NameTasker
Latest Versionv5.14.8
Android VerionAndroid 4.0+

  In order to download this app for your device, only you have to follow simple steps. These are the steps.

  • Press the download button to download the Tasker APK.
  • Then open the files app and locate the apk.
  • Open the Tasker APK and click on the install tab in order to get the app.
  • A few minutes later it will download.
  • What you have to do is allow for the required permissions.
  • Schedule the required work to Proceed with your work.

What is Tasker apk?

Tasker apk allows you to take more resources for the users. The following are some of these benefits. More than 200 functions are embedded within this app. With this Tasker apk, the user can schedule various tasks. That means you can schedule what you want to do during the day. And users have the chance to use some plugins. There are some conditions to do that. By following them any user would be able to use this app beneficially. The following are some automated tasks for this Tasker apk.

  • Opening of the music app just after inserting the SD card for your android device
  • Changing the device wallpaper on each day
  • Muting the device after a certain time period
  • The brightness of the device has to be increased automatically
  • Enabling the text to speech function just after SMS has received

Anyone can use Tasker Apk and discover more functions by using this app. Certainly, it would be advantageous for everyone. This is your chance to test it out and see whether it is beneficial or not.

tasker apk

Tasker Apk Features

Other than the features listed in the previous paragraphs, there are some more other features. Allow for the handling of the device and fully automate your device. No repetitive tasks are for you. There are multiple things contained here. It is very flexible for usage. Combine contexts too. It will do all your tasks as you wish for them. 

  • Basically, Tasker Apk can turn your device onto a true smartphone with the available multiple features. Why don’t you turn your device into a smart device yet? Automate it with your location, WiFi network, and more other facilities. Also, users can automate the device with the device for receiving SMS and for calls. 
  • Over 350 actions are available. These options can’t be explored on another app. Although Customise your device with these functions as you have never done that before. 
  • System settings such as opening apps, receiving notifications, file manipulation can automate with this Tasker app. 
  • Some of you think that rooting is required in order to use this app. But it is not like that. Rooting doesn’t need for most of the functions. But some of the few functions required for rooting such as airplane mode access. That is due to the policies of android security. 
  • Users are able to manually trigger the user actions via the launcher shortcuts. There are navigation bars, notifications, and activities such as long pressing on the buttons. 
  • By utilizing the remote Tasker feature, users can trigger tasks from the user’s android device or pc. 
  • Users’ own UI design can be created here on Tasker Apk.
  • Also, the users are able to create their own app while using this 
  • Tasker apk is also known to be a developer-friendly app. Because it allows for actions to the users. 3rd party developers are allowed that option. 
The following details are the basic details regarding the app. Before you get this app onto your device pay attention to these facts even. 
  • Install the latest version of the app. That is 5.13 6.
  • Tasker Apk is only about a 6.55 MB-sized app.
  • Over 1 million people are accumulated over the app.
  • It required permissions on accessing the calendar, microphone, camera, contacts, location, SMS, calls, and storage. 
  • It offers a 7-day trial.
  • Tasker Apk is a paid app.

How to Download for PC

 Like as described above there are only a few steps to follow to get the Tasker apk for your pc. Get the app installer by following the below steps. 

  • In order to get this app, the very one has to get an android emulator.
  • If your device hasn’t contained such a one, then install an emulator.
  • BlueStacks is a such greats installer.
  • Then download the apk using the upper button.
  • Locate and open the APK file.
  • Click on the install tab to install it successfully 
  • Proceed with your tasks with the app. 

Tasker Apk is a simple app to use. Understand the procedure of the app and continue it by launching it. All works will schedule as a user hour. Also, you would certainly get the full automated device. 

How to Use Tasker Apk

Tasker Apk is just a simple app. Therefore it is a very simple procedure. New users for this app also can adjust to the app environment. You will get to know and use it better after downloading this app. Try it after getting it. 

Safety and Legality

Most people worry about safety and legality are the main facts that we are concerned about the most before using any kind of app. I can make sure that Tasker Apk is a safe app that could use by anyone. Also, installing and working with this app will not harm your device. Even though it won’t cause any harm to your device. It won’t contain harmful malware. When we are paying attention to legal issues, the app doesn’t contain them. The app doesn’t have any legal restrictions. Without any issue, users would be able to use this app freely. 

Final Words

Here the above facts are regarding the Tasker apk. Certainly, you won’t find any other app that is similar to this app. Therefore try it out today. You will explore more about the app by using it. It also helps you to manage and schedule your work. It is meaningless to tell over and over about this Tasker apk. Now, this is your turn to work with it and discover the functions embedded in the app.

Easy Uninstaller Apk Download | Latest Version (7.3MB)

Easy Uninstaller is a type of app (APK) that is providing help for uninstalling the app. Only one tap is needed for the removal of any android app. Cleaning up device storage is also possible with the app. This is very easy and fast and easy to work with. This is a fast app to use. Assume that your device is running out of space. Therefore you have to try it out by uninstalling multiple apps. Unfortunately, it takes a long time here now for your help to uninstall multiple apps at once. What you have to do is try this fact and discover more features. Let us see more regarding an app called easy uninstaller apk.

easy uninstaller

How to Download Easy Uninstaller Apk for Android

Easy Uninstaller Apk Download [7.3MB]

APK NameEasy Uninstaller
Latest Versionv3.3.6.161
Android VersionAndroid 4.0+

By following these listed steps below any person who needs to install this easy uninstaller apk can install that into their device. There are a few simple steps for installing the app follow them. 

  • Click the Easy Uninstaller Apk download button here to download the apk to your device. 
  • After that open the app and click install.
  • Then a few minutes later the installation process will finish.
  • Then you have only rest with the proceeding works with the app.
  • Start working with the app by allowing required.

Only there are a few steps for the whole process.

What is Apk and what Easy Uninstaller apk can do

Easy Uninstaller Apk is an app that is especially for Android phones. The tool is for uninstalling the apps. The working procedure of the application is very simple. The user would be able to delete multiple apps at once. You have to select which app or apps you want to remove then click on the uninstall selected apps button. Then your work will be finalized.

Easy Uninstaller Apk supports features such as app sorting and searching. Type the keyword and start searching. And for this sorting options reach it by the menu. If you want to get all details about that app, long press on the respected app. Also, get the details about that by clicking the application details here. Also sharing is possible with this specific application. Click on the share to share it. The app is available in the Google market too. Explore it in the Google Play Store by clicking on the search in the Google Play Store.

But there are some app restrictions to this app. This Easy uninstaller apk can’t delete the pre-installed app in the device or preloaded because it contains in the system and rule by the system mechanism. Following are some basic details about the app. While installing this app make sure it is the latest version of the app. Because the latest version contains all the updates. The latest version is the application 3.3.6. The size of it is 4.74MB. Easy Uninstaller Apk is offered by INFOLIFE LLC. Over 10 million users accumulated around that. This is very beneficial and has more functions.  Use it and discover more facts than this. All of the existing bugs have been corrected with the latest version. This is in the category of free productivity app. It supports android version 4.0 and upwards.

easy uninstaller apk

Easy Uninstaller Apk Features

The following are some basic features of the Easy Uninstaller apk. That is described in the above paragraphs. Discover more and more functioning facts and join with this. All you use it will get immense benefits from here. 

  • The basic function of the Easy uninstaller Apk is the removal of unwanted apps are in your device
  • Support for uninstalling of the apps as a batch 
  • Quick install just need one click for installing
  • By the Easy Uninstaller Apk interface, the users could observe the apps that were previously installed on your device
  • The user would be able to search all details about the required app. The details about that app such as update size at the name and other all.
  • Here there are searching options. By that, the user can explore what is needed for him
  • There are various sorting modes. Therefore users would be able to sort into any category that they want 
  • App sharing is allowed in this application
  • Cashed app list
  • Here there is a recycle bin so that at any time user is possible to find out the history of the deleted apps
  • Reminder for uninstalling Apps.

How to Download for PC

Like above described here for the pc even only there are easy steps to follow.

  • You need an Android emulator for these installations.
  •  If you haven’t installed an Android emulator on your PC yet, please, first of all, install such a one. BlueStacks is a perfect Android Emulator.
  • Then download the Easy Uninstaller Apk file to your pc using the download link here.
  • Click on the install tab after few seconds.
  • After finishing the process, then proceed with your task easily.

In that way, anyone that requires an app can install that app easily.

How to Use Easy Uninstaller Apk

Easy Uninstaller Apk is an app that can use easily and freely. It is not a very complex app so everyone can understand its procedure and even a simple structure motivates anyone to use it over and over. When you need to uninstall an app that you have previously installed into the device, what do you have to do if you forget the app and then click on the Uninstall app? You cant uninstall free loans and apps. If your device is a rooted one you can try some options for uninstalling the preloaded apps. Sometimes users say that some can’t be seen in the app. What you have to do on such occasions is refresh and see if you can observe that.

Safety and legality

Most of the users are worrying about the safety and legality of the Easy Uninstaller Apk. You don’t want to worry about it at all because it is 100% safe and legally assured. There are no legal restrictions on the app. Also by installing this app your device won’t harm.  Therefore every time your device is secured. Therefore install this app without any issue.

Final Words

This is the Easy uninstaller apk. That is easy. Simple and easy to use. No hard procedures and complex options. The main benefit of this, you can uninstall multiple apps at once. The benefit is that you can save more time and do some more activities within a short period. If you haven’t tried Easy Uninstaller Apk yet, this is the time to start it. Certainly, you will interest to use this app. No need to tell the advantages and benefits of this app. Now, this is your chance to discover what they are. Proceed with all your tasks.

APK Extractor Apk 4.2.12 Download | Latest Version (2.2MB)

Apk Extractor is a popular app (APK) that can use to extract Android Apks. The readers could identify what is the use of it by the name itself. The users can extract the required apks from the apps you have previously installed for your device. Only you have to follow up simple steps to fulfill the required tasks. Install this precious app extractor apk and observe what cloud gets out of the extractor apk.

apk extractor

How to Download APK Extractor Apk for Android

APK Extractor Apk 4.2.12 Download [2.2MB]

APK NameApk Extractor
Latest Versionv4.2.12
Android VersionAndroid 4.0+

The download of the app is really easy. The following are the steps to download the app. 

  • This site’s download link is the place where you can download this app.
  • Search for the apk extractor apk download button above.
  • Then you click the button in order to download this app.
  • After that, open the downloaded apk file and click on the install to start the installation.
  • Then start working with the app after installing it onto your device.

What is Apk Extractor Apk? 

Apk extractor Apk is an extractor. This app will extract all types of apks that the user has previously installed onto your android device. Also, it allows users to copy those files into the SD card of the user. This app is offered by Meher. The latest version of the app is 4.2.12. Get the latest version, then you can experience the latest features like supporting app bundles. It is only about a 1.81 MB app. Over 10M app users use the app. This app is in the tool category. It is offered for free. Therefore users would see advertisements arising in the app. This app is very simple. All you have to do is open the app and see the interface. 

The list of apps is on the display. All the apps that are stored on your mobile device or SD card can be observed here. If you want to extract some files just tap your finger on the needed app. Your work will finish in a few minutes. After the extraction of apk mainly there are two more other options available. The first one among them is the extraction of the link for copying it directly. The second option among them is sharing it directly from this extraction app. Both of them are available in the apk extractor app.

APK Extractor Apk supports reproducing or creating apk files. It supports Android 7.0 and upwards. The app is offered for its users. But there is only one feature that is disturbing. The pop-up of the ads. If the ads are popping up, ignore them. Switching between the installed apps and system apps is easy. Try this app and explore more functions.

apk extractor apk

APK Extractor Apk Features

There are numerous features that can obtain via this app extractor apk. The following are only a few of them. 

  • Apk extractor Apk is an app that can use very conveniently.
  • This is a free source that anyone could be download freely and use it 
  • It is a very fast app to work with 
  • The application will support all of most apks on your device. Even system applications are extracted by using this app 
  • Also, this app won’t require rooting for accessing this app. Therefore without rooting even users could be able to use the app 
  • Also, these apks are stored as default apks 
  • There is a searching option provided here. By using that users would be able to search and find any application from here 
  • The APK Extractor Apk is compatible with the latest version of the android 
  • Allow for age the saving on the apk format 
  • At once the app user can extract multiple files once. The only user has to select multiple files in the list.

How to Download APK Extractor for PC

As stated above, the procedure of installing apk extractor is very easy. For downloading the application, the user has to be with an android emulator.

  • If you haven’t an android emulator yet, get an android emulator as soon as possible.
  • Then open the Google Play Store with your android emulator.
  • After that, by launching the Google Play Store search for the apk extractor.
  • Then click on the install tab to get the app successfully installed.
  • Then start working with the app successfully.
  • Your all tasks could be achieved with this specific app. 

How to Use APK Extractor Apk

This is not a complex app to use. Therefore it is much easier to understand. Therefore understanding the app’s procedure is easy. The following are some regarding the usage. 

  • First, launch the Apk extractor apk, you just have installed.
  • Then the user would be able to observe the list of previously installed apps on your device. 
  • Then tap on the apps that the user wants to get apk files.
  • Although if the user wants to share apk that is also possible with the app. Just you need to do is only a single tap. 
  • Even the user is able to choose the location where you want to save your file. Save apks if you want to share with someone. 
  • If you want to change the paths in app follow this procedure. Open the settings from the side menu. Then you can locate the extracted files using apk extractor Apk. By the search tab, users can explore the location of the files within a few seconds. Therefore the file location isn’t very important. 

These are some tips about how to use the app. Try out different options by starting the app usage. Surely as a user, you will definitely explore more. First, get the app and then discover more. 

Safety and legality

There are not many details regarding the legality and the safety. There won’t be restrictions over the apk extractor. Because of that users can utilize it without any worries. Although it doesn’t contain any harmful malware or any other thing. By installing it your device won’t face any harm. It is always protected for sure. 

Final Words

Here I have numerous facts about this apk extractor apk. It is for the task of apk extraction. When you install an apk file to your android device or for the pc, always you need to extract them. Extraction is always needed. So this is a useful app. There may be some more uses of this extracting app. See whether it is beneficial or not by joining the app community. Proceed with your work with this beneficial app.

App Manager APK 5.72 Download | Latest Version (7.4MB)

App Manager is for managing apps (APK) on your device. Certainly, everyone could get their maximum usage by installing this app. This App Manager Apk makes your work easy. It manages the previous files installed into your device and other apk files. There are mainly four tasks allowed for the users of the App Manager Apk. Those are app uninstall, app backup, apk install, and the app moves. So one has to discover more app features by using this App Manager Apk.

app manager

How to Download App Manager Apk for Android

App Manager Apk 5.72 Download [7.4MB]

APK NameApp Manager
Latest Versionv5.72
Android VersionAndroid 4.1+

 It is very easy to download the App Manager Apk. It has very simple steps.

  • Open your Web Brower and visit this site.
  • Then search for the App Manager Apk.
  • Then click on the App Manager Apk Download button.
  • After some time it will finish downloading onto your device.
  • Proceed with your work with the app.

What is Apk?

Sometimes you have to follow more steps in order to uninstall some apps on your android device. Even though sometimes you have to try for multiple attempts in order to explore what is the best one suit for you. Then you should have to download multiple apps. Then again you should have to delete the excessive apps. Your time will waste. Other than that sometimes you need to free up your device space and remove some apps. Or else are you getting some apps outside of the play store? Certainly, file managers will help you to do what you want on your device. Actually, the App Manager apk is really useful for you. It has plenty of features.

You can try the app and find how it would be useful for android users. The App Manager Apk is developed by androidDeveloperLB. When you download it, download the latest version. It is 5.58. The App Manager Apk is only about 5.53 MB-sized applications. Even that is widely popular among more people. This is your chance.


Certainly, the users of the App manager apk would get more benefits by joining the app. Also, most of the features are available for the rooted devices.

  • Easiest app uninstaller. That is true. Because users need not waste time uninstalling the apps. Just need a single tap to uninstall the apps on your android device.
  • The user can install other formats of files via apps directly. APK, APKM, XAPK are some of such formats. 
  • Some other operations are allowed by this app. Share, uninstall, enable, disable, managing and opening of the play store all are allowed by this app.
  • Apk management
  • Remove of app history viewer
  • Clearing internal and external data.
  • Customize widgets for uninstalling recently downloaded apps
  • Uninstalling apps on rooting devices is much easier. It isn’t complex and fast for the removal app.
  • It will show all types of apps. Sometimes those are not the ones you can launch. Those are live wallpapers, keyboards, and widgets.
  • Auto handling of the apps is also allowed
  • Auto addition of shortcuts for newly added apps for the device. If you install the apps via the app manager apk the shortcut is formed.
  • The installed apps can be sorted by using the size, date installed, update date, and launch date.
  • There are some useful shortcuts
  • Uninstalling of the system apps.
  • You could choose the themes according to your wish. Dark and light themes are available.

Those are the key features of the app manager apk. Other than that there are four main uses of the app. Those are as follows.

  • Uninstalling of the apps – The app will display a detailed description of apps prior to uninstall them. 
  • Backup of the apps – if there are important apps for you within your device, you could store them as apk files. Then if you want them in another situation, restoring them is easy.
  • Installing apks – if you want to know that the file is just a redundant file or it has been installed. This all will present all the required details about the apps.
  • Moving apps- the apps can be moved to the SD card by grouping

 The following are some facts that you will require while using this app manager Apk.

  • With this application, the users can uninstall system apps too. Sometimes it could be risky. So the app won’t hold any responsibility regarding uninstalling the system apps.
  • Although some apps can’t remove due to some restrictions. But the app will be doing so much work on the task
  • In some cases, the device has to restart to observe the result
  • Users can remove the arising advertisements. But the user has to donate as much as you wish.

With the latest update, you will receive some more features with the app. The latest update of the app fixed some issues. Therefore any user would be able to access the app freely. Now the user would start the usage of the app and can explore with the apk file.

app manager apk

How to Download App Manager for PC

As in the above description, downloading the app is very simple.

  • Do you want an android emulator to download this app
  • Get BlueStacks or any other emulator
  • Then search for the play store
  • Search for app manager in the Google Play Store
  • You would explore the app manager
  • Install it
  • Then work with the app freely

How to Use App Manager

App Manager Apk is for managing your device. Then it is for the management. You only need to allow access to the management. The uninstalling, sharing and all other tasks have been made easy with this application. Even if you want to know details about the app, this application manager is for you. Any user can start using this app. There won’t be any complex activities or procedures here. That’s why it is easy and simple.

Safety and legality

The app manager Apk is an application that is legal for use. There won’t be any restrictions. So anyone can use it. Even if it is safe for your device. No kind of harmful software or any other thing is containing in the app. Then the user doesn’t want to be afraid about its use. It is totally secure and assured app.

Final Words

Now the reader is aware of the app here. This is a very powerful app for android app management. Also, this is an app having multiple facilities. If you install this one certainly you would obtain much more uses. Then I have to say that this app manager Apk is beneficial. Try it and explore more uses of that. Proceed your works with it

Split Apks Installer APK 4.5 Download | Latest Version (4.9MB)

Split Apks installer is most commonly known to be the SAI (APK). The most common feature is the split apk support. Apart from that, there are multiple features available. This is a very simple app that could be used by many people. Although it is easy to use. Get the SAI and observe more behaviors of it. Split apks installer Apk allows all its users to get any apk file just with one click. Get this apk free and download more other useful apks.

split apks installer

How to Download Split APKs Installer Apk for Android

Split Apks Installer Apk 4.5 Download [4.9MB]

APK NameSplit Apks Installer
Latest Versionv4.5
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

For the android devices, you need to allow unknown sources in order to install the apk.

  • Search for the split APKs installer Apk Download link on this site. You can find it on the above sections of the page.
  • Then click on the Download button. 
  • Sometime later you could finish downloading the app
  • Install what you downloaded now. 

There are multiple types of devices available in the market. Those devices have varieties of hardware specifications, screen size, and processor architecture. Therefore apps will get larger and larger to be compatible. As a solution for this issue, Google put forward a solution. That is splitting apps into more parts. That is to reduce app size and make them compatible with the device. Those all parts come up with one package. That package has a name called apks.

The Split Apks Installer Apk task is to collect those all parts and create a package called apks. That process will facilitate the apps and for transferring apps to another device. There are multiple games and apps available on the app. Note that all those are available for you only for personal usage. Basically, Split Apks Installer Apk was available for installing split apks. There are some types of apps that consist of multiple apks. The apk contains both installation methods suitable for rooted and rootless devices.

split apks installer apk

What is Apk?

We usually use apks when we want to install a crack or mod application on any android device. Apk format is used when you install an android application on a device without the Google Play Store. Recently Google has decided to give app developers a chance. Because now it suppers for the new file format apks. If not the persons who download the app have to use third-party tools for installation and extracting files. There are some more small apk files stored in an apk. Also, those can’t open in a normal way. Because of that, they require another third-party tool. This tool is for installation and to extract the file. Note that apk files are not supported for the android operating system.

Nowadays anyone can explore apps for opening apks easily. And it allows exporting the apps on the device onto apks. Those can be used for sharing or storing. 

Split APKs Installer Apk Features

 There are some unique features included in the Split Apks Installer Apk. Here are some of them. 

  • View the apps that support the splitting and can easily get such types of apps 
  • Easy to merge and split. After that those apks can be installed easily on android devices. 
  • Listing the apps based on the date of the installation and the name is easy. That is a special ability to view apps. 
  • Exporting the app. Even the users can select which parts are suitable to be exported. 
  • Merging the parts of the app is possible. Also, it can be installed easily. 
  • Downloading the apps for your device with or without rooting. 
  • For the previously exported app, the user can add a version number.
  • The Split Apks Installer having the system file picker option to select chick files to install 
  • There are multiple file selection design 
  • Now there are options to extract APKs from archives 
  • New themes are available for the users to experience the app. 

Likewise, there are more unique features available. So continue your procedure easily. However, the following are some advantages and disadvantages that users face while using the Split Apks Installer Apk. 


  • The Split Apks Installer is easy to use because of the UI 
  • This allows its users to select which of the parts to be exported from the app 
  • Installing apps with or without the rooting 


  • Sometimes there are some issues appearing while installing apps on certain devices.

The Split Apks Installer Apk allows you to download the apps not available in the Google Play Store 

Basically, there are two reasons for the unavailability of the app on the play store. 

  • The apps are supported only in a limited region or the government have banned the apps 
  • Unavailability of the app due to the policy violations in Google 

So then you only can get such apps as apks. By using Split Apks Installer Apk you could get apps you want easily and safely. 

The app allows for the extraction 

After installing the apk file, you want to extract that the files. That is also freely available with Split Apks Installer. You have to download the latest version of the Split Apks Installer Apk. That is 4.5.  That is even a lightweight app. It is only about 4 MB in size. It is working on the device that is having a 5.0 version and upwards. Although it had passed over 10 million app downloads so far.

How to Download for PC

 For downloading Split Apks Installer Apk everyone wants an android emulator. Therefore first of all install an android emulator such as BlueStacks. 

  • Launch the android emulator 
  • Then launch the Google Play Store on the emulator 
  • Then after that search for the Split Apks Installer on the play store 
  • You will explore it easily 
  • Then install it and work with the app 

Certainly, the app will beneficial for you. 

How to use Split Apks Installer Apk

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, the app is really easy to use. If you would be able to understand the procedure of the app, the users can use easily use that. This is an app that lets you download multiple apps as it is acting like one. 

  • Tap on the ” install apks” button for selecting the app 
  • Then click on the “select” tab for starting the installation 

Safety and legality

Downloading the apks and the apps are totally legal. Although it contains contents that are allowed legally. Sometimes downloading the apks will face some threats. Therefore sometimes it is harmful to the device. So it is better to pay attention to the fact only. There won’t any other problems regarding the SAI. 


Final Words

Now you are aware of some more useful facts about the Split APKs Installer apk. According to my idea, this apk is really useful. Therefore I suggest you try this app and see how it works. Certainly, the user would be amazed. This is your chance to try it.

APK Installer APK 8.6.2 Download | Latest Version (2.9MB)

APK Installer is a tool (APK) that gives the ability to install any app to the Android system. When android has a built-in installer in their system, you wonder why you need another tool to install apps?. That is just like windows offers notepad or internet explorer as a built-in software, you still install Microsoft office or google chrome in your system after. The built-in installer is only installing the apk files like notepad can type and save things. This APK installer APK has many more features like batch APK installing, batch APK uninstalling, batch APK export or import, for pc, APK share, and much more.

apk installer

How to Download for Android

APK Installer APK 8.6.2 Download [2.9MB]

APK NameAPK Installer
Latest Versionv8.6.2
Android VersionAndroid 4.4+

As told before, the APK installer APK is only about 3 megabytes in size. The above download link gives the ability to download the APK file immediately.

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your android device.
  • Search “APK installer” on the play store.
  • Then click on the download button.
  • After clicking the button, agree with the necessary terms and conditions and allow it for the installation.
  • After few seconds, the app will available on your device’s home screen.

What is APK Installer APK

As told before, installing, uninstalling, export and import apps as a batch is the main feature of this app. Also, APK installer APK can view apps inside information, So you will never be hack from an app again. You can download app updates directly from the app itself. If you have any issues with Google Play Services. The best thing is this has built an in-app security scanner and this app is also available in the Google play store. So no worries about the APK installer. This app is just 2.9 megabytes in size and the newest version is 8.6.2. The latest version can install any device from android 4.4.2 KitKat. The app passed 10 million-plus installs and this app was offered by “the mobile manager” for 100% free.

apk installer apk

Other features in APK Installer APK

  • Apps can be updated without a google account

The APK installer APK has a built-in store for update your apps to their latest version without any problem. If you are using a Huawei device that does not have a google play store, This APK will fulfill all your needs. Also if your device google play service and still you can download apps without google tracking your device with google play services.

  • Permission control in each app

With APK installer now you can accept and denied each permission for each app. This is a very good feature if your main concern is security. If your device is a bit too old for android permission manager, you can still manage apps permissions with this app.

  • Install directly to the sd card or move later

If you are using a bit cheaper android device or a bit older one, your device might not have the best storage options. Don’t worry no more. With APK installer APK now you can download, install, and also move apps from your valuable internal storage to your larger external storage. Because of that your device will not slow as before. You can now use the device with extra speed for extra time.

  • ADB tools and APP info reader

This is for our experts. With the ADB tool, you can change android system settings and you can do things that cannot do before. Like, call recoding, activating VOLTE, and VOWIFI. Also, the APK installer has a built-in app info reader. With that, you can read necessary things like package details, developer, the changelog for the latest update, and expert things like APK file MD5, Target API Level, SHA-1 signature, UID, Shared UID, Permission,  Minimum API Level, Component Info(Activity, Service, Receiver and Provider).

  • Cache storage cleaner

As before if your device is low on space, if you need a fresh app without uninstalling and install the app, with one tap, you can clear the cache memory of any app. So this app is the best if you have a lower-end device or if you have a metered internet connection.

  • Shortcut creator and security manager

Before the google play store choose the shortcut preference when installing any app, but now you can create shortcuts as your preferences. App icon, name, shortcut location is few things, and many more things are available for you. The best thing about this app is this has built an in-app security scanner. So no worries install an APK from the APK installer.

How to Download for PC

There is no difference between the features included in the app that is compatible with the android device and pc. There are 2 methods.

  • The first method is, Download an Android emulator to install the “APK installer” on the pc. There are multiple emulators available. It is better if you choose NOX or BlueStacks. Those are secured and faster emulators. Although those are free.  After install, the emulator steps are the same as above. Open the play store and click download and agree to permissions. That’s it.
  • The second method is, Now you can download APK installer pc version for any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 pc from The pc version is 35 megabytes in the size.  And it is also free windows app.

How to use APK installer

Using this app is very easy. First, go to the default apps and change the installer to APK installer. That’s it. Now when you open apk, the app auto opens and installs the app. See this is very easy as before.

Safety and legality

As described above the all tests have proven that this APK installer is free from all harmful things. Therefore there are no such harmful outcomes for the device by this installer. Also, Google Play Store checks all apps in their store. So don’t worry about safety and legality. The installer is a legally confirmed app. Therefore any urgent legal issues couldn’t be found with this app. If you are concerned about these facts at more time, then it is solved.

Final words about APK installer APK

All facts are describing the APK installer as must needed app for any android user or pc user who wants to use android apps. Therefore for everyone expecting to use android apps as true android app users, this is the best for that. Even if it is simple and for beginners, it will be the best app to start about android app culture. Use it for one day and see the difference between system installer and APK installer APK like windows notepad and ms office word or internet explorer to chrome.

XAPK Installer