Split Apks Installer APK 4.5 Download | Latest Version (4.9MB)

Split Apks installer is most commonly known to be the SAI (APK). The most common feature is the split apk support. Apart from that, there are multiple features available. This is a very simple app that could be used by many people. Although it is easy to use. Get the SAI and observe more behaviors of it. Split apks installer Apk allows all its users to get any apk file just with one click. Get this apk free and download more other useful apks.

split apks installer

How to Download Split APKs Installer Apk for Android

Split Apks Installer Apk 4.5 Download [4.9MB]

APK NameSplit Apks Installer
Latest Versionv4.5
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

For the android devices, you need to allow unknown sources in order to install the apk.

  • Search for the split APKs installer Apk Download link on this site. You can find it on the above sections of the page.
  • Then click on the Download button. 
  • Sometime later you could finish downloading the app
  • Install what you downloaded now. 

There are multiple types of devices available in the market. Those devices have varieties of hardware specifications, screen size, and processor architecture. Therefore apps will get larger and larger to be compatible. As a solution for this issue, Google put forward a solution. That is splitting apps into more parts. That is to reduce app size and make them compatible with the device. Those all parts come up with one package. That package has a name called apks.

The Split Apks Installer Apk task is to collect those all parts and create a package called apks. That process will facilitate the apps and for transferring apps to another device. There are multiple games and apps available on the app. Note that all those are available for you only for personal usage. Basically, Split Apks Installer Apk was available for installing split apks. There are some types of apps that consist of multiple apks. The apk contains both installation methods suitable for rooted and rootless devices.

split apks installer apk

What is Apk?

We usually use apks when we want to install a crack or mod application on any android device. Apk format is used when you install an android application on a device without the Google Play Store. Recently Google has decided to give app developers a chance. Because now it suppers for the new file format apks. If not the persons who download the app have to use third-party tools for installation and extracting files. There are some more small apk files stored in an apk. Also, those can’t open in a normal way. Because of that, they require another third-party tool. This tool is for installation and to extract the file. Note that apk files are not supported for the android operating system.

Nowadays anyone can explore apps for opening apks easily. And it allows exporting the apps on the device onto apks. Those can be used for sharing or storing. 

Split APKs Installer Apk Features

 There are some unique features included in the Split Apks Installer Apk. Here are some of them. 

  • View the apps that support the splitting and can easily get such types of apps 
  • Easy to merge and split. After that those apks can be installed easily on android devices. 
  • Listing the apps based on the date of the installation and the name is easy. That is a special ability to view apps. 
  • Exporting the app. Even the users can select which parts are suitable to be exported. 
  • Merging the parts of the app is possible. Also, it can be installed easily. 
  • Downloading the apps for your device with or without rooting. 
  • For the previously exported app, the user can add a version number.
  • The Split Apks Installer having the system file picker option to select chick files to install 
  • There are multiple file selection design 
  • Now there are options to extract APKs from archives 
  • New themes are available for the users to experience the app. 

Likewise, there are more unique features available. So continue your procedure easily. However, the following are some advantages and disadvantages that users face while using the Split Apks Installer Apk. 


  • The Split Apks Installer is easy to use because of the UI 
  • This allows its users to select which of the parts to be exported from the app 
  • Installing apps with or without the rooting 


  • Sometimes there are some issues appearing while installing apps on certain devices.

The Split Apks Installer Apk allows you to download the apps not available in the Google Play Store 

Basically, there are two reasons for the unavailability of the app on the play store. 

  • The apps are supported only in a limited region or the government have banned the apps 
  • Unavailability of the app due to the policy violations in Google 

So then you only can get such apps as apks. By using Split Apks Installer Apk you could get apps you want easily and safely. 

The app allows for the extraction 

After installing the apk file, you want to extract that the files. That is also freely available with Split Apks Installer. You have to download the latest version of the Split Apks Installer Apk. That is 4.5.  That is even a lightweight app. It is only about 4 MB in size. It is working on the device that is having a 5.0 version and upwards. Although it had passed over 10 million app downloads so far.

How to Download for PC

 For downloading Split Apks Installer Apk everyone wants an android emulator. Therefore first of all install an android emulator such as BlueStacks. 

  • Launch the android emulator 
  • Then launch the Google Play Store on the emulator 
  • Then after that search for the Split Apks Installer on the play store 
  • You will explore it easily 
  • Then install it and work with the app 

Certainly, the app will beneficial for you. 

How to use Split Apks Installer Apk

As mentioned in previous paragraphs, the app is really easy to use. If you would be able to understand the procedure of the app, the users can use easily use that. This is an app that lets you download multiple apps as it is acting like one. 

  • Tap on the ” install apks” button for selecting the app 
  • Then click on the “select” tab for starting the installation 

Safety and legality

Downloading the apks and the apps are totally legal. Although it contains contents that are allowed legally. Sometimes downloading the apks will face some threats. Therefore sometimes it is harmful to the device. So it is better to pay attention to the fact only. There won’t any other problems regarding the SAI. 


Final Words

Now you are aware of some more useful facts about the Split APKs Installer apk. According to my idea, this apk is really useful. Therefore I suggest you try this app and see how it works. Certainly, the user would be amazed. This is your chance to try it.

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