XAPK Vs APK File Formats – Differences and Uses

It is necessary to talk about XAPK vs APK file-formats battle. Both of these file formats are used by the Android platform to install Android apps. But if you are interested in more that follow the information below about XAPK vs APK.

xapk vs apk

What is an APK File?

APK is the abbreviation for Android Package Kit. Sometimes it also called as Android Application Package. This is the main file extension or the file format that Android use for the installation of apps and distribution. This file format has the components that needed to install an app on an Android device.

You are familiar with the EXE file format when you are using the Windows. It is using to install apps to the PC. So as that APK is the file format on Android to install apps. The Sideloading is the name for manual installation of apps on Android using the APK files

Google Play Store is the main app store to download apps for Android. When you download from it, it will do the downloading and installation process for you without manual interactions. The apps extracted from the Play Store are available on the other alternative Android stores to download as APK files.

Uses of APK files

There are some benefits that you can get from sideloading or manual APK installing. The main benefit is you don’t have to wait for the updates of apps for your device. Sometimes Google Apps takes time to release updates to every device. So you have to wait till it is available for your device. When you download and install APK file you don’t have to wait that long. You can just download and install it.

Google Play is the largest app store for Android but it does not have all the apps. There are some apps that are not available on the Google Play Store. The alternative Android stores that provide such kind of Apks for Android devices. But you have to understand the risk of getting malware from these stores. So you have to go to a reputed alternative Android store to download these apks.

The Battle Between XAPK vs APK

XAPK file is also a package just like the APK file. This kind also used to install Android apps to the devices. The difference between XAPK vs APK is apk does not have OBB files but XAPK has both APK and OBB files. The OBB File has the Graphics, Media Files, and other valuable data that support the app. The Other main difference of XAPK vs APK is, XAPKs is not available in Google Play Store but they are available in other alternative Android stores.

There are some similarities between XAPK vs APK files. Both file formats can be installed manually on the device. But normal installer does not support XAPK files. So you have to download an XAPK Installer to install these files.

Another XAPK vs APK difference is you cant unzip an APK file but you can unzip an XAPK file.

The highest size of XAPK vs APK file combat wins the XAPK. As it has all the OBB files it is much sizer than the APKs

XAPK Installer For Android Free Download Officially

XAPK Installer is an application that has the ability to install .xapk files to all Android devices conveniently. As this is a freemium app, you can download it without payment.

First, to mention, xapk is another file format or extension that you can use on the Android devices to install apps. But this is more like a compressed Android Package, unlike the usual Android APK file format. So the difference between these 2 file formats is normal APK doesn’t contain the stuff like Media files and Graphics. But this new file format can contain these assets and compress them to install with the app.

xapk installer android

What is XAPK Installer For Android?

Basically this is an app installer for the Android operating system. But the specialty of this installer is, with the normal Android APK installer which comes default on your Android smartphones you can only install APK files. But this installer can install the APK file and the OBB file at once. So this .xapk file format is compressed with APK and OBB assets.

Normally after you download an App or a Game from an app store, you only download the APK file. So after you install, it will download the OBB file from their own servers. Mostly OBB files come with large games and apps.

So with the XAPK Installer, you can install both APK and OBB files to your Android smartphone without downloading OBB from a different site.

More About App

So to install the XAPK installer you have to have an Android device that is above Android 4.1. There are 2 versions available to download so far and the latest version is XAPK Installer 2.2.2. The size of the app is 3.5MB. This is a lightweight app but a powerful app. So doesn’t require higher system resources to run this one.

How to Download and Install XAPK Installer

XAPK Installer Download

Installing XAPK Installer to your Android smartphone or tablet is a very simple task. As this app doesn’t require any root permissions, You don’t need to root your Android device to install this app. Follow the steps below the install for Android.

  1. First, you need to download XAPK Installer APK from this site. You can use the download link above to download. This app is a freemium app you can download for free.
  2. Then go to your settings and Allow Unknown Sources to your Android smartphone. As this app is a third party, you need to allow installing third-party apps to your device.
  3. After that go to the file browser and find the downloaded apk file. Then open it.
  4. Now follow the instructions appear on the screen to go through the installation process.
  5. Finally, complete the installation and you can find the installed on the app drawer of your device.

XAPK Installer Features

There are some impressive features and functions of XAPK Installer. These features help the user to have a convenient experience in maintaining XAPKs and APK files.

  • The ability to auto-scans the SD card and find out all the XAPKs and APK files
  • Because of this feature, you don’t need to check for install files on your Android device manually. XAPK Installer will automatically search your SD card and the internal storage. So after you open the app, this app will show you all the APK and XAPK files available in your SD card and internal storage. But there is an option for manual search too in case of a fault in auto-scanning.
  • The capability of deleting unwanted APKs and XAPKs
  • So after the auto scan, you can find out all the APKS and XAPKS in your Android device. But there will be files that you don’t need on your device. So with this feature, you can easily delete them without going to the directory of the files.
  • Easy download XAPK Installer Games and Apps
  • If you want to download XAPKs to your device then you can easily download them with this app. You don’t have to waste time on other sites browsing through the internet, XAPK Installer provides you the ability to search and download apps safely to your Android smartphone.

xapk installer features

Pros and Cons

  • Install large apps and games easily
  • When you install a large app or a game first you download the APK file and install it. Then you again have to download the OBB file and install it. But if you install XAPK you can easily install both APK and OBB at the same time.
  • Install Regional Locked Apps and Games
  • There are some apps that you would find that you can’t install in your region. Because they are regional locked. But you can install XAPK version of that kind of an app using the XAPK installer without any problem.
  • Takes only less storage
  • APK and OBB files take more memory. But using XAPK installer you can reduce that extra memory you use for APK + OBB files.
  • No misplacing resources after installation
  • It is possible to misplace some files when you install APK files and OBB files separately. But XAPKs contain both of them as a single file. So, all the resource files will be installed on the device without any missing.

How to Use XAPK Installer

  1. As first you have to download and install the XAPK installer to your Android device.
  2. Then download an XAPK file which may be a game or app to your device from the internet.
  3. Then open the XAPK installer app. You will find the APKs and XAPKs available in your device storage.
  4. Then select an app or game that you need to install to your device and click INSTALL.
  5. So in the first part of the installation process device will ask you to give permission to install apps using the XAPK installer.
  6. After you give the permission Installation will continue.
  7. Finally, after the installation, you can use the installed app just as your normal apps you download from the Play Store.

Safety and Legality

XAPK Installer is free from malware so you can use this app on your device safely. Also, this app works on any region and there are no legal related issues that arose so far.


Do I need to root my Android device to install XAPK Installer

No. You don’t have to.

Is this available on the Google Play Store?

No, this app doesn’t.

Is it legal to use XAPK Installer?

Yes. Totally.

XAPK Installer for PC Download For Windows | Latest Version [7.9MB]

XAPK Installer for PC is a tool that you can use to install XAPK file formats to your Windows PC without any difficulty. This tool works on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10

For the beginner, XAPK is a file format that you can use to install apps for Android. XAPK is consisting of 2 parts as APK and OBB. Normally APK files don’t come with OBB files. So you have to download and install OBB files to your device from the app owners’ servers later. Mostly these OBB files come with the Larger Games and Apps. OBB is consist of media files, graphics, etc.

What is XAPK Installer for PC?

Simply this is a tool for installing XAPK files to the Android devices via the PC. So if you don’t have the Android version of this tool on your Android device you have to use XAPK Installer for PC to install these apps to your Android smartphone or device.

The reason for using XAPK Installer for PC is you can only install APK files to your Android device using your default Android APK Installer. So when comes to this file format you have to use another installer to install these apps to your Android device.

There are games like NFS, Asphalt, Call of Duty, GTA, etc. larger in size. So when you download them from the Play Store or their main sites you have to download the APK first install it. Then have to download OBB files through the app and install it. But XAPK Installer can install both APK and OBB files at once to your device without another download process via the app.

How to Download and Install

XAPK Installer for PC Download [7.9MB]

To install you must have windows running PC. This tool requires Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 versions.

  1. First, you must use the download link above to download XAPK Installer for PC.xapk installer for pc setup 1
  2. Then go to the downloaded file and open the wizard and click NEXT.xapk installer for pc setup 11
  3. After that select an install destination location for the tool and click NEXT.xapk installer for pc setup 2
  4. Setup will ask you to create a Program Shortcut. So create it and Click NEXT.xapk installer for pc setup 3
  5. Then Select the Additional tasks and go forward.xapk installer for pc setup 4
  6. Now it’s ready to install the tool for your PC. Click INSTALL.xapk installer for pc setup 5
  7. After that setup will start to install the tool.xapk installer for pc setup 6
  8. Finally, the setup will complete the installation.xapk installer for pc setup 7

How to Use

  1. To begin with, you have to enable USB debugging mode on your Android smartphone and connect it to the PC with a Data Cable.
  2. Then open the XAPK Installer for PChow to use xapk installer for pc
  3. Next, select an XAPK file that you want to install to your Android device.
  4. After that, you can select the installation location as Internal Storage or External SD Card and click Install.how to use xapk installer for pc 3
  5. Now, this tool will start to install this app on your Android device.how to use xapk installer for pc 4
  6. After the installation process, you can find the app from your App drawer on the Android device.

How To Extract XAPK from PC

XAPK files and created by compressing APK and OBB files together for the convenience of distributing Android apps games in a single file. Sometimes you may need to convert XAPKs to APKs. In those cases, you can use these steps to extract XAPKs.

  1. At first, select an XAPK file that you want to extract.
  2. Then rename the extension to .ZIP
  3. After that Unzip the File.
  4. That’s It.
XAPK Installer