XShare Apk Download | Latest Version (19.7MB)

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XShare is the app (APK) that is popular to be the fastest file transfer in this world. There may be more other functions by using this app certainly. By joining with the app you will get more functions. It would be the best manager for your device as well.  XShare Apk has a very high speed of file transmission. Also, it is a more convenient resource for transferring files. No traffic for the sharing. Quickly share all the files that you need to transfer.


How to Download XShare Apk for Android?

XShare Apk Download [19.7MB]

APK NameXShare
Latest Versionv3.0.7.006
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

It is very easy and only has some simple steps for downloading the XShare apk. Follow these simple steps to download it.

  • Click the download button here to download the apk.
  • Then click the XShare apk file to install.
  • Then you will find the respective app.
  • Tap on the install tab to get the app.
  • A few minutes later the XShare Apk would be installed.

Then users have successfully installed the app onto your device. Proceed with your tasks.

What is XShare Apk?

XShare Apk is an app that allows for sharing more things. The app is famous for the secure sharing of more files. Transfer and share what you want here. Share all videos and transfer them to another one. This XShare apk will support all types of file formats. Although the sharing apps not only support the file types but also for other things such as music, video, audio, zip, word, excel, or any other. So that the user doesn’t want to spend more than other data.

If you are going to install XShare Apk and work with it, observe these basic facts about the app. Install the latest version of the app, it is 3.0.3. 005. And the XShare is offered by the Shaltry. It is only about 19 MB. Now, this app is widely popular among 100 million users. This is a mostly secure app therefore start using it and feel how it works.

xshare apk


  • Sharing all of the file types such as word, zip, video, app, music, and other all file types. Also, no data is required for transferring those files.
  • Just similar to the other apps, you don’t want to scan QR codes and all. Only you have to just tap once.
  • XShare Apk has a super transferring speed. Even it is faster than the Bluetooth transfer rate
  • Share photos, files, videos, and music at anytime anywhere that the user wanted to
  • It is known to be the best file manager. It is organizing files. So it is very easy to manage, view, and delete moreover.
  • XShare Apk has an advanced UI. Even though it had improved much more. Due to the new improvements, the app has to gain more modifications in the speed of the sharing
  • For flash transferring, you don’t need any network. Sometimes you want to share some files in larger sizes. Don’t worry about the uploading methods. It doesn’t want more data for transfer. The transferring speed won’t vary with the file sizes.
  • This is a fully secure app. This app should have to be safe. Because you are sharing your personal details too.
  • As above stated this is acting as a file manager too. Therefore the users would be able to view and delete the required file items in the same app.
  • The XShare apk is supporting for most android devices. You can send the larger files and all other ones on one occasion at once.
  • No restrictions on the network.
  • Can share the files that are located in the internal memory.
  • Watching the videos is really easy with XShare Apk. It becomes much easy because of the built-in video player.
  • Quickly matching the QR code. That is a must on the file receiver’s and sender’s devices.

How to Download XShare for PC?

As stated in the previous paragraphs, the app can be downloaded easily to your pc too. There are only a few steps to finish downloading. Follow these for it.

  • You need an android emulator for installing this XShare successfully.
  • If you haven’t downloaded such an android emulator, download it.
  • Then download the Xshare APK to your pc.
  • Import the APK file into the android emulator.
  • Go to files in the emulator and install the XShare.
  • Tap on the install tab that could be observed in there
  • A few seconds later the app would be installed.

Then feel free and continue your all-sharing tasks with this amazing app. It’s free to use.

How to Use XShare Apk

The XShare apk is a simple app for you to use. There are only a few steps to use this app. When you install this app and try it once, certainly the user will realize how it works. Proceed with the app tasks simply. When you are going to share some files or any other ones, make sure that both devices have installed the app. Just two steps for transferring.

  • Select which files that you wanted to share or receive. After pairing up two devices send or receive files
  • Tap receiver and just pair up two devices by scanning the QR codes
  • Then tap on the connection and finish the sending purpose successfully.

So now you can understand that XShare Apk is pretty easy and simple to use. Here is your chance to use it and test it. Proceed with your work.

Safety and legality

This is a most common fact that everyone should consider. Usage of an unsecured app can harm your device. Therefore certainly as a user, you should be concerned about that. But don’t worry, your device won’t be harmed by using XShare Apk. It doesn’t contain any harmful software or any other things. Even XShare Apk is legally allowed to be used. There won’t be any restrictions on the app. If you are satisfied with these specific facts, now start using the app. Here’s your chance.

Final Words

Actually, I have to say that XShare Apk is a beneficial app for everyone. Because it is always support for sharing purposes. Now you know too much about the app. Just rest with what you have to do. Try it and experience it by yourself. Judgment is within you.

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