Tasker Apk 5.14.8 Download | Latest Version (11.19MB)

Tasker is an app (APK) that automates the whole device. That means the whole device can change by using this Tasker Android App. Let’s see how that is possible. Tasker can alter the operating system of your device onto a fully customizable operating system. By converting into a Customise operating system the users could get more benefits. With that device, users can automate their tasks easily. Actually, this is a must-try app. The users can schedule multiple tasks according to their contexts. Likewise, there are multiple benefits that can obtain by this Tasker apk.


How to Download Tasker Apk for Android

Tasker Apk 5.14.8 Download [11.19MB]

APK NameTasker
Latest Versionv5.14.8
Android VerionAndroid 4.0+

  In order to download this app for your device, only you have to follow simple steps. These are the steps.

  • Press the download button to download the Tasker APK.
  • Then open the files app and locate the apk.
  • Open the Tasker APK and click on the install tab in order to get the app.
  • A few minutes later it will download.
  • What you have to do is allow for the required permissions.
  • Schedule the required work to Proceed with your work.

What is Tasker apk?

Tasker apk allows you to take more resources for the users. The following are some of these benefits. More than 200 functions are embedded within this app. With this Tasker apk, the user can schedule various tasks. That means you can schedule what you want to do during the day. And users have the chance to use some plugins. There are some conditions to do that. By following them any user would be able to use this app beneficially. The following are some automated tasks for this Tasker apk.

  • Opening of the music app just after inserting the SD card for your android device
  • Changing the device wallpaper on each day
  • Muting the device after a certain time period
  • The brightness of the device has to be increased automatically
  • Enabling the text to speech function just after SMS has received

Anyone can use Tasker Apk and discover more functions by using this app. Certainly, it would be advantageous for everyone. This is your chance to test it out and see whether it is beneficial or not.

tasker apk

Tasker Apk Features

Other than the features listed in the previous paragraphs, there are some more other features. Allow for the handling of the device and fully automate your device. No repetitive tasks are for you. There are multiple things contained here. It is very flexible for usage. Combine contexts too. It will do all your tasks as you wish for them. 

  • Basically, Tasker Apk can turn your device onto a true smartphone with the available multiple features. Why don’t you turn your device into a smart device yet? Automate it with your location, WiFi network, and more other facilities. Also, users can automate the device with the device for receiving SMS and for calls. 
  • Over 350 actions are available. These options can’t be explored on another app. Although Customise your device with these functions as you have never done that before. 
  • System settings such as opening apps, receiving notifications, file manipulation can automate with this Tasker app. 
  • Some of you think that rooting is required in order to use this app. But it is not like that. Rooting doesn’t need for most of the functions. But some of the few functions required for rooting such as airplane mode access. That is due to the policies of android security. 
  • Users are able to manually trigger the user actions via the launcher shortcuts. There are navigation bars, notifications, and activities such as long pressing on the buttons. 
  • By utilizing the remote Tasker feature, users can trigger tasks from the user’s android device or pc. 
  • Users’ own UI design can be created here on Tasker Apk.
  • Also, the users are able to create their own app while using this 
  • Tasker apk is also known to be a developer-friendly app. Because it allows for actions to the users. 3rd party developers are allowed that option. 
The following details are the basic details regarding the app. Before you get this app onto your device pay attention to these facts even. 
  • Install the latest version of the app. That is 5.13 6.
  • Tasker Apk is only about a 6.55 MB-sized app.
  • Over 1 million people are accumulated over the app.
  • It required permissions on accessing the calendar, microphone, camera, contacts, location, SMS, calls, and storage. 
  • It offers a 7-day trial.
  • Tasker Apk is a paid app.

How to Download for PC

 Like as described above there are only a few steps to follow to get the Tasker apk for your pc. Get the app installer by following the below steps. 

  • In order to get this app, the very one has to get an android emulator.
  • If your device hasn’t contained such a one, then install an emulator.
  • BlueStacks is a such greats installer.
  • Then download the apk using the upper button.
  • Locate and open the APK file.
  • Click on the install tab to install it successfully 
  • Proceed with your tasks with the app. 

Tasker Apk is a simple app to use. Understand the procedure of the app and continue it by launching it. All works will schedule as a user hour. Also, you would certainly get the full automated device. 

How to Use Tasker Apk

Tasker Apk is just a simple app. Therefore it is a very simple procedure. New users for this app also can adjust to the app environment. You will get to know and use it better after downloading this app. Try it after getting it. 

Safety and Legality

Most people worry about safety and legality are the main facts that we are concerned about the most before using any kind of app. I can make sure that Tasker Apk is a safe app that could use by anyone. Also, installing and working with this app will not harm your device. Even though it won’t cause any harm to your device. It won’t contain harmful malware. When we are paying attention to legal issues, the app doesn’t contain them. The app doesn’t have any legal restrictions. Without any issue, users would be able to use this app freely. 

Final Words

Here the above facts are regarding the Tasker apk. Certainly, you won’t find any other app that is similar to this app. Therefore try it out today. You will explore more about the app by using it. It also helps you to manage and schedule your work. It is meaningless to tell over and over about this Tasker apk. Now, this is your turn to work with it and discover the functions embedded in the app.

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