App Manager APK 5.72 Download | Latest Version (7.4MB)

App Manager is for managing apps (APK) on your device. Certainly, everyone could get their maximum usage by installing this app. This App Manager Apk makes your work easy. It manages the previous files installed into your device and other apk files. There are mainly four tasks allowed for the users of the App Manager Apk. Those are app uninstall, app backup, apk install, and the app moves. So one has to discover more app features by using this App Manager Apk.

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How to Download App Manager Apk for Android

App Manager Apk 5.72 Download [7.4MB]

APK NameApp Manager
Latest Versionv5.72
Android VersionAndroid 4.1+

 It is very easy to download the App Manager Apk. It has very simple steps.

  • Open your Web Brower and visit this site.
  • Then search for the App Manager Apk.
  • Then click on the App Manager Apk Download button.
  • After some time it will finish downloading onto your device.
  • Proceed with your work with the app.

What is Apk?

Sometimes you have to follow more steps in order to uninstall some apps on your android device. Even though sometimes you have to try for multiple attempts in order to explore what is the best one suit for you. Then you should have to download multiple apps. Then again you should have to delete the excessive apps. Your time will waste. Other than that sometimes you need to free up your device space and remove some apps. Or else are you getting some apps outside of the play store? Certainly, file managers will help you to do what you want on your device. Actually, the App Manager apk is really useful for you. It has plenty of features.

You can try the app and find how it would be useful for android users. The App Manager Apk is developed by androidDeveloperLB. When you download it, download the latest version. It is 5.58. The App Manager Apk is only about 5.53 MB-sized applications. Even that is widely popular among more people. This is your chance.


Certainly, the users of the App manager apk would get more benefits by joining the app. Also, most of the features are available for the rooted devices.

  • Easiest app uninstaller. That is true. Because users need not waste time uninstalling the apps. Just need a single tap to uninstall the apps on your android device.
  • The user can install other formats of files via apps directly. APK, APKM, XAPK are some of such formats. 
  • Some other operations are allowed by this app. Share, uninstall, enable, disable, managing and opening of the play store all are allowed by this app.
  • Apk management
  • Remove of app history viewer
  • Clearing internal and external data.
  • Customize widgets for uninstalling recently downloaded apps
  • Uninstalling apps on rooting devices is much easier. It isn’t complex and fast for the removal app.
  • It will show all types of apps. Sometimes those are not the ones you can launch. Those are live wallpapers, keyboards, and widgets.
  • Auto handling of the apps is also allowed
  • Auto addition of shortcuts for newly added apps for the device. If you install the apps via the app manager apk the shortcut is formed.
  • The installed apps can be sorted by using the size, date installed, update date, and launch date.
  • There are some useful shortcuts
  • Uninstalling of the system apps.
  • You could choose the themes according to your wish. Dark and light themes are available.

Those are the key features of the app manager apk. Other than that there are four main uses of the app. Those are as follows.

  • Uninstalling of the apps – The app will display a detailed description of apps prior to uninstall them. 
  • Backup of the apps – if there are important apps for you within your device, you could store them as apk files. Then if you want them in another situation, restoring them is easy.
  • Installing apks – if you want to know that the file is just a redundant file or it has been installed. This all will present all the required details about the apps.
  • Moving apps- the apps can be moved to the SD card by grouping

 The following are some facts that you will require while using this app manager Apk.

  • With this application, the users can uninstall system apps too. Sometimes it could be risky. So the app won’t hold any responsibility regarding uninstalling the system apps.
  • Although some apps can’t remove due to some restrictions. But the app will be doing so much work on the task
  • In some cases, the device has to restart to observe the result
  • Users can remove the arising advertisements. But the user has to donate as much as you wish.

With the latest update, you will receive some more features with the app. The latest update of the app fixed some issues. Therefore any user would be able to access the app freely. Now the user would start the usage of the app and can explore with the apk file.

app manager apk

How to Download App Manager for PC

As in the above description, downloading the app is very simple.

  • Do you want an android emulator to download this app
  • Get BlueStacks or any other emulator
  • Then search for the play store
  • Search for app manager in the Google Play Store
  • You would explore the app manager
  • Install it
  • Then work with the app freely

How to Use App Manager

App Manager Apk is for managing your device. Then it is for the management. You only need to allow access to the management. The uninstalling, sharing and all other tasks have been made easy with this application. Even if you want to know details about the app, this application manager is for you. Any user can start using this app. There won’t be any complex activities or procedures here. That’s why it is easy and simple.

Safety and legality

The app manager Apk is an application that is legal for use. There won’t be any restrictions. So anyone can use it. Even if it is safe for your device. No kind of harmful software or any other thing is containing in the app. Then the user doesn’t want to be afraid about its use. It is totally secure and assured app.

Final Words

Now the reader is aware of the app here. This is a very powerful app for android app management. Also, this is an app having multiple facilities. If you install this one certainly you would obtain much more uses. Then I have to say that this app manager Apk is beneficial. Try it and explore more uses of that. Proceed your works with it

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