EasyShare APK Download | Latest Version (25.9MB)

EasyShare is an app (APK) that can use for file sharing anytime, anywhere. It is really easy to use. On the occasions that you want to share anything on your device with another person, this is a perfect app for that purpose. If you haven’t tried this EasyShare apk, this is your chance to try it and discover more functions by the EasyShare apk.


How to Download EasyShare Apk for Android

EasyShare Apk Download [25.9MB]

APK NameEasyShare
Latest Versionv5.6.10.4
Android VersionAndroid 5.0+

Installing this EasyShare apk is quite simple for your android device. Here follow these simple steps in order to successfully install this EasyShare apk into your android device.

  • Click the above download button to download the APK file.
  • After that search for the app named EasyShare and locate the downloaded apk.
  • Again the app will be on the downloaded apk list.
  • Choose the correct app and tap on the install tab to successfully finish the installation process.
  • Within few minutes the app would finished download.

After finishing that the user is capable of working with EasyShare apk.  Certainly, you can finish working with the app perfectly. Try it and choose if it is perfect or not for you.

What is EasyShare Apk? 

EasyShare apk is actually a powerful app with super fast speed. It doesn’t even contain any advertisements in the app. The app supports Android devices upward 4.0 and upwards. Easily the app can be downloaded into your pc or android device easily. The average rating of the app is 4.8 stars from the 5 stars. The files can transfer by Bluetooth and by using the wireless LAN. By using these two options send what you want anywhere at any time. Although most people are worried about the file sizes. Don’t worry you could send any alt file at any size. There won’t be any limitations for the file sizes. If you need to understand more facts regarding the EasyShare apk use it and check yourselves about the app.

Now you know only some facts about this EasyShare apk. Then after that actually before you download this app, please let me know the following basic facts. Because that could be beneficial. The latest version of the app is Get that version because it contains more and more beneficial facts. Although it is only about 22 MB. The app has offered by Vivo communication technology co. Ltd. Until now over 100 million users have accumulated with the app too.

easyshare apk

EasyShare Apk Features

  • Experience with file transferring file-sharing options.
  • The EasyShare is available on the play store. Therefore you don’t want to spend much time searching the apps.
  • When considering the other sharing apps, this is one of the faster apps. You could get excessive use by that.
  • EasyShare is an add-free app. Therefore anyone can use it without disturbing their app experience.
  • This is not an app, working when there is an Internet connection. But also it is working without the Internet connection too. Because of that, the Internet connection is not necessary for working with the app.
  • There is a wide group of communities for the app. Those people would love the app, due to the amazing features contained in the app.
  • It is having a speed of up to 40MB per second. So this is known as an app containing lightning-fast file sharing speed.
  • The user would be able to use it anytime anywhere. Even you could share files when you waking on the roads even.
  • When phone replacement taking place, ultrafast speed is working.
  • It is supported for all android devices. Therefore an every android device user is able to share files by the EasyShare apk.
  • Other than android devices, the EasyShare app supports IOS, Mac, and Windows devices too. If you have such a device, you fluid work with that.
  • Very stable app.
  • 100% security is provided.
  • Cross-platform is an ability that is provided with this EasyShare apk. That means this EasyShare apk will transfer lots of the file types in different formats. Just one tap will do the trick.
  • This is very useful at such times when you are shifting to a new device. Just one tap and a few minutes will do transfer the files from the old device to the new one.

How to Download EasyShare for PC

In order to use this app for your pc, now you have to get that app onto your device. Follow these steps for that.

  • You want an android emulator for this purpose.
  • If you didn’t get such an android emulator, this is the time to get it. BlueStacks is such a great emulator.
  • After getting an android emulator, launch downloads the apk using the link.
  • Then search for the EasyShare within downloaded apps.
  • The app would be displayed there as an APK.
  • Then tap on the install tab to finish downloading the task.
  • After taking few minutes the process would be finished.

Now it is time to start working with the app. Discover more uses of that app.

How to Use EasyShare Apk

It is quite easy to use EasyShare Apk with any device on any platform. It is so simple. No complex structures could be found out from there. Therefore just install the app. Then allow for the permissions requested by the app. Then only you can work with the app. Just some small taps are needed for this EasyShare apk. I assume it’s better to work with the app, after downloading. Then the user would understand the procedure of the apps.

Safety and legality

Safety and legality are the main factors that have to consider about. Because the app affects the device’s security too. Device security can be harmed due to the lack of security of the device. Therefore it is so important. But don’t worry EasyShare Apk is safe. Always install the app from safe sources. Even the apps downloaded from the Google Play Store are legally allowed as well as there is no harmful content. That is 100%. There won’t any legal restrictions over the app also. Therefore anyone could be able to use EasyShare Apk freely.

Final Words

This is the EasyShare apk. It has very simple steps and simple functions. Start using this amazing app from today onwards. You will feel the difference in the app from the first day onwards. Now you know most of all details about the app. I think it is really easy to continue working with the app.

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