Easy Uninstaller Apk Download | Latest Version (7.3MB)

Easy Uninstaller is a type of app (APK) that is providing help for uninstalling the app. Only one tap is needed for the removal of any android app. Cleaning up device storage is also possible with the app. This is very easy and fast and easy to work with. This is a fast app to use. Assume that your device is running out of space. Therefore you have to try it out by uninstalling multiple apps. Unfortunately, it takes a long time here now for your help to uninstall multiple apps at once. What you have to do is try this fact and discover more features. Let us see more regarding an app called easy uninstaller apk.

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How to Download Easy Uninstaller Apk for Android

Easy Uninstaller Apk Download [7.3MB]

APK NameEasy Uninstaller
Latest Versionv3.3.6.161
Android VersionAndroid 4.0+

By following these listed steps below any person who needs to install this easy uninstaller apk can install that into their device. There are a few simple steps for installing the app follow them. 

  • Click the Easy Uninstaller Apk download button here to download the apk to your device. 
  • After that open the app and click install.
  • Then a few minutes later the installation process will finish.
  • Then you have only rest with the proceeding works with the app.
  • Start working with the app by allowing required.

Only there are a few steps for the whole process.

What is Apk and what Easy Uninstaller apk can do

Easy Uninstaller Apk is an app that is especially for Android phones. The tool is for uninstalling the apps. The working procedure of the application is very simple. The user would be able to delete multiple apps at once. You have to select which app or apps you want to remove then click on the uninstall selected apps button. Then your work will be finalized.

Easy Uninstaller Apk supports features such as app sorting and searching. Type the keyword and start searching. And for this sorting options reach it by the menu. If you want to get all details about that app, long press on the respected app. Also, get the details about that by clicking the application details here. Also sharing is possible with this specific application. Click on the share to share it. The app is available in the Google market too. Explore it in the Google Play Store by clicking on the search in the Google Play Store.

But there are some app restrictions to this app. This Easy uninstaller apk can’t delete the pre-installed app in the device or preloaded because it contains in the system and rule by the system mechanism. Following are some basic details about the app. While installing this app make sure it is the latest version of the app. Because the latest version contains all the updates. The latest version is the application 3.3.6. The size of it is 4.74MB. Easy Uninstaller Apk is offered by INFOLIFE LLC. Over 10 million users accumulated around that. This is very beneficial and has more functions.  Use it and discover more facts than this. All of the existing bugs have been corrected with the latest version. This is in the category of free productivity app. It supports android version 4.0 and upwards.

easy uninstaller apk

Easy Uninstaller Apk Features

The following are some basic features of the Easy Uninstaller apk. That is described in the above paragraphs. Discover more and more functioning facts and join with this. All you use it will get immense benefits from here. 

  • The basic function of the Easy uninstaller Apk is the removal of unwanted apps are in your device
  • Support for uninstalling of the apps as a batch 
  • Quick install just need one click for installing
  • By the Easy Uninstaller Apk interface, the users could observe the apps that were previously installed on your device
  • The user would be able to search all details about the required app. The details about that app such as update size at the name and other all.
  • Here there are searching options. By that, the user can explore what is needed for him
  • There are various sorting modes. Therefore users would be able to sort into any category that they want 
  • App sharing is allowed in this application
  • Cashed app list
  • Here there is a recycle bin so that at any time user is possible to find out the history of the deleted apps
  • Reminder for uninstalling Apps.

How to Download for PC

Like above described here for the pc even only there are easy steps to follow.

  • You need an Android emulator for these installations.
  •  If you haven’t installed an Android emulator on your PC yet, please, first of all, install such a one. BlueStacks is a perfect Android Emulator.
  • Then download the Easy Uninstaller Apk file to your pc using the download link here.
  • Click on the install tab after few seconds.
  • After finishing the process, then proceed with your task easily.

In that way, anyone that requires an app can install that app easily.

How to Use Easy Uninstaller Apk

Easy Uninstaller Apk is an app that can use easily and freely. It is not a very complex app so everyone can understand its procedure and even a simple structure motivates anyone to use it over and over. When you need to uninstall an app that you have previously installed into the device, what do you have to do if you forget the app and then click on the Uninstall app? You cant uninstall free loans and apps. If your device is a rooted one you can try some options for uninstalling the preloaded apps. Sometimes users say that some can’t be seen in the app. What you have to do on such occasions is refresh and see if you can observe that.

Safety and legality

Most of the users are worrying about the safety and legality of the Easy Uninstaller Apk. You don’t want to worry about it at all because it is 100% safe and legally assured. There are no legal restrictions on the app. Also by installing this app your device won’t harm.  Therefore every time your device is secured. Therefore install this app without any issue.

Final Words

This is the Easy uninstaller apk. That is easy. Simple and easy to use. No hard procedures and complex options. The main benefit of this, you can uninstall multiple apps at once. The benefit is that you can save more time and do some more activities within a short period. If you haven’t tried Easy Uninstaller Apk yet, this is the time to start it. Certainly, you will interest to use this app. No need to tell the advantages and benefits of this app. Now, this is your chance to discover what they are. Proceed with all your tasks.

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