ShareMe APK 2.12.07 Download | Latest Version (11.7MB)

ShareMe is the best file-sharing app (APK) for all Platforms. It has more types of functions. It will support almost all types of android devices. Even though it has a simple structure, anyone can install the app and work with the app simply. Some of you are worrying that it is having hard processes to continue. But don’t worry, it is just a simple app. Catch its most valuable features by clicking here. Certainly, you will like ShareMe Apk.


How to Download Shareme Apk for Android?

ShareMe Apk 2.12.07 Download [11.7MB]

APK NameShareMe
Latest Versionv2.12.07
Android VersionAndroid 4.4+

By following simple steps you would be able to get the Shareme apk into your device. Follow the below steps as mentioned here.

  • As you are using an android device, download the apk using the above link.
  • Then find the downloaded ShareMe apk file.
  • Open and install the app.
  • Sometime later the app would finish installing process.
  • Launch the ShareMe Apk and start sharing with it.

So then the user would be able to continue the tasks freely.

What is Shareme apk?

ShareMe Apk is the #1 file sharing app in the play store and it is from Xiaomi Inc. Actually it is an improved sharing application. Certainly, by that, every user could get multiple benefits. If you are going to download and work with the app, certainly you should know these facts. While getting this app make sure that you are getting the latest version, which is 1.29.9. All existing bugs have been fixed with the app. Shareme has been offered by Xiaomi Inc. Over 50 million people have accumulated over the app. Aware of such details before getting this app to your devices.

shareme apk


  • ShareMe Apk supports very speedily transferring files from one device to another. When you want to transfer files within your device to another of your friends or siblings, just open this app and continue using it.
  • The place won’t be affected by the sharing. At anytime anywhere, the user would be able to share any files anywhere
  • No ads appear while using the app. The Shareme apk is supported for both devices on the android and ios devices.
  • All Android devices including Xiaomi, oppo, Samsung, Realme, Oneplus, LG, and every other android device are compatible with the app. If you have such an app, you would totally experience it.
  • The app developers have aimed for personal privacy as well as the security of the users. Therefore while using ShareMe Apk the users don’t need to worry about their security and their safety. It is 100% assured.
  • Share all types of files by the app. As stated here through ShareMe Apk you would be able to file videos, images, and music at anywhere anytime.
  • No requirement for an Internet connection in order to share the existing files. Shareme Apk is free from network connections. Although this app works free with mobile data.
  • Shareme is a very fast app. When compares with Bluetooth, it is having a speed of 200 times faster than Bluetooth
  • Shareme is has a very friendly UI.
  • Sometimes the file transferring could get interrupted while transferring takes place. Don’t worry you would be able to resume file transfer with only one tap
  • There are no restrictions against the usage of the app. Therefore every user should be able to share any file at any size.
  • There are more other languages support for the Shareme apk. Therefore any user would be able to start working with it.

How to Download ShareMe for PC

Just as the above there are only a few simple steps in order to get the app successfully for your pc. Follow them and install the app here.

  • First of all, you need an android emulator for that task.
  • Get a perfect android emulator such as BlueStacks.
  • Then download the APK file using the link.
  • Then search to find the Shareme apk which you downloaded before.
  • Click on the install tab to get the app onto your pc.
  • Sometime later the app would be downloaded.
  • Open the app and start what you want in there.

These are very simple steps to be followed. Install it and start working with ShareMe Apk easily. Your all tasks would be easy too.

How to Use ShareMe APK

First of all, you should have to install ShareMe Apk for your device. Then launch the app. By that, you could edit your device nickname. By using an identification name, the other person would be able to discover your device easily for sharing. Then you should have to select whether you are going to receive files or send files. First, we move to the file sending options. Select the send option. Then all contents of your device will appear. By that, you have chosen the items you are going to share. Select the photos, videos, or device files. Altogether the user is able to send the apps too. Make sure the other device is also ready to receive them.

Then the connecting of two devices has to be done. There are three options for the connection of two devices. You could connect the devices by Bluetooth, by WiFi, or by scanning the QR code too. Select an easy method for that. In order to receive some files from a nearby device, you have to be ready after turning on WiFi or Bluetooth. In this way, you could use ShareMe Apk successfully.

Safety and legality

Safety and legality are basic facts that any user has to find when installing an app. For file-sharing, you have to choose a secure app basically. Because sometimes we want to share our personal details too. Therefore we have to install an app with 100% security. If not, we are at risk of thieves. Don’t worry about that when you install Shareme for your device. Because it is totally secure. There are no harmful things contained in the ShareMe Apk. Although there won’t be any legal restrictions on the app. Use it without any issue.

Final Words

By the stated facts surely readers could understand how to use ShareMe Apk and how to work with the app successfully. Actually, this is an easy app for you to use. Always privacy protected and have much more advantages here. Now it’s your turn to try it and judge the app. I’m sure that you will explore much more information about ShareMe Apk.

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