App Lock APK 3.6.1 Download | Latest Version (22.3MB)

App Lock is an app (APK) for the protection of privacy on your device. Certainly, this app would be beneficial for people who are extremely thinking about device safety. Lock the required apps and hide photos by installing this app. Support for cloud syncing and for fingerprint support are even available with this app. The App lock Apk is widely popular among 50 countries worldwide. Although app loch supports up to 45 languages. Using the fingerprint, password, or else with the pattern can enable privacy of the device and apps.

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How to Download App Lock Apk for Android?

App Lock Apk 3.6.1 Download [22.3MB]

APK NameApp Lock
Latest Versionv3.6.1
Android VersionAndroid 4.1+

 The installation procedure of the app is not a complicated one. Only a few steps.

  • Click here to download the App Lock APK file.
  • Then after download, the APK, head to files.
  • You will find it on there.
  • Then tap on the install tab.
  • It will take few seconds to install the App Lock Apk.
  • Then start working with the app can be started.

Now users can enable the required function and proceed to work with it.

What is App Lock Apk?

App lock Apk can protect your privacy 100%. Don’t worry about the working of the app. It is 100% accurate. The users can lock the apps that contain their personal details. Especially apps such as Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Simply we can say that the user could choose which apps to be protected. It prevents unauthorized users from using your device. Ensure the safety of the device. Hiding pictures and videos is also allowed here. By using this feature those images and videos will have vanished from the gallery. But the photo and video vault will display those hidden ones.

If there are some private memories for you, those also can be hidden. No way for others. When the user enters into the hidden parts, there is an. Invisible pattern as well as random keyboard. Safer with the app. App lock Apk is only about 17.25 MB-sized apps. Believe that such a small app is doing a great task for a device. The latest version of it is 3.5.3. Although now over 100 million people have accumulated over the app. Now it has been optimized well. Because users experience it better. Here is only a brief description of this app. Explore more functions by joining the app.

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  • Everyone knows that this App lock Apk is the best solution in order to keep your device safe. Especially the apps that contain more private details are secure with this app. You should secure the apps such as Facebook, messenger, messages, call logs, WhatsApp and Instagram definitely. Because if it had been revealed to anyone, it would lead to some serious conditions.
  • Hiding private pictures and videos is another option that anyone would explore within this app. Certainly, your device will contain more private files. When another one uses your device if that person sees those files what will happen. Therefore it is better to lock those images and videos with an App lock Apk. This app will help you on such an occasion for sure.
  • Although there is one another occasion. That is what will happen if another person observes the pattern or the pin while you are entering the app. Don’t worry they can’t observe your pin or password. Because the app has provided that invisible keyboards as well as a random pattern. You are safer with the app.
  • Now you won’t worry about the other extraordinary facts such as parents checking your device. Although never worry about playing games with the other ones. Don’t worry that the other ones are never taking your passwords and all required facts.
  • Never worry about messing up your device with the other ones who use your device.
  • The hiding pictures on the device would have automatically vanished from the gallery too.

More Features

  • There the users can create multiple profiles on the same device. By that, the users could be able to group the app types into separate groups.
  • The app requires only low energy. Also, the app supports for the battery saving modes
  • Advanced protections are empowered by this app. It prevents the App lock killing by the task killer.
  • A special lock system is provided by the app by preventing messing up your device by kids App lock Apk will get and collect the private facts about the user details.
  • Now it had been optimized than before. Even though users will explore newer features.
  • Force stop cover is available.
  • Can easily enable or disable App lock Apk with only a single tap.
  • You can hide the App lock Apk icon.
  • By assigning the app lock Apk with timing, you could get the apps unlocked and locked for a certain time period.

How to Download App Lock for PC

 As previously stated there are few simple steps in order to get the app onto your device.

  • Before downloading the app, install an android emulator.
  • Launch the android emulator.
  • Then search for the name App lock and download the APK.
  • Click on the install after getting the correct app.
  • Start working with it.

How to Use App Lock Apk

After installing the app you would be able to start working with this App lock apk. Then this is the chance to enable the best security for your device. With this app, you could create a specific pin or password. That pin will help you to lock up something that you don’t want to reveal to anyone. That is a very simple app to use. When you are entering the app for the first time you should have set up an unlock password. Assign a password with four digits at the end. Click OK.

Again enter the same password and tap on OK. Then the user will find the main lock tab. This is the place where you could select which apps that you need to lock. Also, there are multiple locking up policies available. By the settings, you would be able to change the options and policies available there. Anytime a user could rename or else change the passwords there.

Safety and legality

Safety and legality have to be best in this type of app. Because this App Lock Apk is for your device’s security and for legality. Until now there is no kind of restrictions for this app. Therefore it is a legally permitted app. Although by installing this app for your device, it won’t harm you. Because it doesn’t contain any harmful functions. Use it without any issue.

Final Words

Finally, we can conclude that this is a type of beneficial app for everyone. App Lock Apk is a simple app that is for your device’s safety. Ensure the security of the device with this type of app. Explore more features on this app contained here.

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