XAPK Installer Pro v2.3.5 Download | Latest Version [5.7MB]

XAPK Files are getting popular because of the convenience of installing Apps and games to Android. XAPK Installer Pro is the app that you can use to install them without any problem. You can download this app for free because the developers publish it as free. Do not use any malicious links to download it because here we giving you the direct download link.

What is XAPK Installer Pro for Android

XAPK Installer Pro is the most effective option to install XAPK files to smartphones with Android. This file format also only available for Android too. There is no such thing for iOS. However, XAPK Files contain APK file and OBB file of and complete app. So XAPK Installer Pro helps you to install a complete app to your device without missing any app asset.

xapk installer pro

XAPK Installer Pro Features

  • Automatic Scan for Apps – When you open the App there will be an automatic scan process to find the apps on your device.
  • Ability to Scan SD or External Storages – This app can scan not only the internal storage but also the SD cards that you are using on the smartphone.
  • Scan Both XAPK and APK files – Even this is used to install XAPK files this app scans and previews both XAPKS and APKs on your device. The best thing is you can install them both using this app.
  • Clear UI – The user interface is completely easy to understand. It is so simple and very clear.

XAPK Installer Pro Download and Install

XAPK_Installer_Pro 2.3.5 Download

  1. First, you need to download the XAPK Installer Pro Apk file, to begin with, the installation task.
  2. Then you must allow unknown sources to follow the next steps in the process. Otherwise, the Android system will not allow you to install this app.
  3. After that, go to the directory that you keep download files and find the downloaded item.
  4. Then open it and continue with instruction on the APK installer.
  5. Finally, you can open the XAPK Installer Pro App on the app drawer of your device.

How to Use

  1. As this app has a simple user interface, using this app is pretty easy.
  2. First, open the app from your app drawer after the installation.
  3. Next, you will come to the app main screen.
  4. The main screen will be filled with the non-installed apps on your Android storage.
  5. You will have both APK and XAPK files on the list.
  6. Then find the XAPK file that you want to install and click the button Install.
  7. Then the app will do the rest.

xapk installer pro download

Why it is not included in the Play Store?

XAPK files are not from the Google period. Therefore, it is from other third-party Android markets on the internet. So Google will not help you to install the files which mean apps that are not from the Google Play Store. So this is the reason for not having this app on it.

Do I need to Root my Android Smartphone?

XAPK Installer Pro does not require root permissions of your Android device to run. This app will perfectly work with your current status of the phone.

Is this Safe to Use?

Many Android users use XAPK Installer Pro on their smartphones for installing XAPKs on their devices. On average there are millions of users who are using this app and there is not a single complaint about the safety of this app. So it is perfectly safe to use on your device.

XAPK Installer APK v4.2 Download for Android Devices

It is now not a problem to install XAPK Files to your Android smartphone or device. The reason is XAPK Installer APK is now available for you to download. This can easily install any XAPK file for your Android device without any difficulty. Here are steps to download this app for your device for free. This is a simple and easy app to download and install. Also, It is very convenient to use.

xapk installer apk


What is XAPK Installer APK?

In earlier times installing OBB files to an installed APK is a difficult problem. OBB contains all the media, graphics, and other data for an app. Normally after installing APK files you have to download the OBB file through the app or you have to install it manually. Sometimes you get errors. After the introduction of the XAPK file format, it comes with the APK and OBB files attached. So no more manual OBB Installation. But the problem here is you cannot install this new file format with the Android APK installer. It does not compatible with it. So along with the new file format, XAPK Installer APK comes as the solution for installing this new file extension.

How to Download and Install XAPK Installer Apk

XAPK Installer APK Download

Click the download button above to download XAPK Installer Apk for your Android device. Follow all the instructions mentioned here to install it correctly.

  1. Download the XAPK Installer APK using the download button above, to begin with. This is free to download.
  2. You must allow unknown sources to install third-party apps. So go to your Android device settings and enable unknown sources. Otherwise, you cannot install Apk.
  3. Then go to your download folder or the folder that you use to keep downloaded files. Then open the downloaded apk file.
  4. Using the APK installer finish the installation of the app.
  5. Finally, you can find the installed app on your App Drawer.

Best Features and Functions

  • Automatic Scan – You don’t have to find XAPKs and APKs manually to install. All that files on your device are already scanned and display on the app.
  • Delete Files – If you don’t want some APKs and XAPKs on your device then you can delete them via the app easily.
  • Installing regional locked apps = If some apps are not available on your region, then XAPK Installer APK can easily install them on your device.
  • Easy to use – The interface of the app is very convenient. Therefore, any user can understand what to do with the app.

How to Use

This tool is simple and convenient. Therefore, using this is no brainer. First, you have to open the app after the installation and allow it to auto-scan your device storage. Then select the apps you want to install. Click the install button on the right side of the screen next to the app. That is it. No more steps for you to follow.

Is XAPK Installer APK Free?

Of course. This tool is published as a freeware. So anyone can easily download it from this site and use it for free. Also can use in any region or country without any restrictions.

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