APK Installer APK 8.6.2 Download | Latest Version (2.9MB)

APK Installer is a tool (APK) that gives the ability to install any app to the Android system. When android has a built-in installer in their system, you wonder why you need another tool to install apps?. That is just like windows offers notepad or internet explorer as a built-in software, you still install Microsoft office or google chrome in your system after. The built-in installer is only installing the apk files like notepad can type and save things. This APK installer APK has many more features like batch APK installing, batch APK uninstalling, batch APK export or import, for pc, APK share, and much more.

apk installer

How to Download for Android

APK Installer APK 8.6.2 Download [2.9MB]

APK NameAPK Installer
Latest Versionv8.6.2
Android VersionAndroid 4.4+

As told before, the APK installer APK is only about 3 megabytes in size. The above download link gives the ability to download the APK file immediately.

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your android device.
  • Search “APK installer” on the play store.
  • Then click on the download button.
  • After clicking the button, agree with the necessary terms and conditions and allow it for the installation.
  • After few seconds, the app will available on your device’s home screen.

What is APK Installer APK

As told before, installing, uninstalling, export and import apps as a batch is the main feature of this app. Also, APK installer APK can view apps inside information, So you will never be hack from an app again. You can download app updates directly from the app itself. If you have any issues with Google Play Services. The best thing is this has built an in-app security scanner and this app is also available in the Google play store. So no worries about the APK installer. This app is just 2.9 megabytes in size and the newest version is 8.6.2. The latest version can install any device from android 4.4.2 KitKat. The app passed 10 million-plus installs and this app was offered by “the mobile manager” for 100% free.

apk installer apk

Other features in APK Installer APK

  • Apps can be updated without a google account

The APK installer APK has a built-in store for update your apps to their latest version without any problem. If you are using a Huawei device that does not have a google play store, This APK will fulfill all your needs. Also if your device google play service and still you can download apps without google tracking your device with google play services.

  • Permission control in each app

With APK installer now you can accept and denied each permission for each app. This is a very good feature if your main concern is security. If your device is a bit too old for android permission manager, you can still manage apps permissions with this app.

  • Install directly to the sd card or move later

If you are using a bit cheaper android device or a bit older one, your device might not have the best storage options. Don’t worry no more. With APK installer APK now you can download, install, and also move apps from your valuable internal storage to your larger external storage. Because of that your device will not slow as before. You can now use the device with extra speed for extra time.

  • ADB tools and APP info reader

This is for our experts. With the ADB tool, you can change android system settings and you can do things that cannot do before. Like, call recoding, activating VOLTE, and VOWIFI. Also, the APK installer has a built-in app info reader. With that, you can read necessary things like package details, developer, the changelog for the latest update, and expert things like APK file MD5, Target API Level, SHA-1 signature, UID, Shared UID, Permission,  Minimum API Level, Component Info(Activity, Service, Receiver and Provider).

  • Cache storage cleaner

As before if your device is low on space, if you need a fresh app without uninstalling and install the app, with one tap, you can clear the cache memory of any app. So this app is the best if you have a lower-end device or if you have a metered internet connection.

  • Shortcut creator and security manager

Before the google play store choose the shortcut preference when installing any app, but now you can create shortcuts as your preferences. App icon, name, shortcut location is few things, and many more things are available for you. The best thing about this app is this has built an in-app security scanner. So no worries install an APK from the APK installer.

How to Download for PC

There is no difference between the features included in the app that is compatible with the android device and pc. There are 2 methods.

  • The first method is, Download an Android emulator to install the “APK installer” on the pc. There are multiple emulators available. It is better if you choose NOX or BlueStacks. Those are secured and faster emulators. Although those are free.  After install, the emulator steps are the same as above. Open the play store and click download and agree to permissions. That’s it.
  • The second method is, Now you can download APK installer pc version for any Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 pc from The pc version is 35 megabytes in the size.  And it is also free windows app.

How to use APK installer

Using this app is very easy. First, go to the default apps and change the installer to APK installer. That’s it. Now when you open apk, the app auto opens and installs the app. See this is very easy as before.

Safety and legality

As described above the all tests have proven that this APK installer is free from all harmful things. Therefore there are no such harmful outcomes for the device by this installer. Also, Google Play Store checks all apps in their store. So don’t worry about safety and legality. The installer is a legally confirmed app. Therefore any urgent legal issues couldn’t be found with this app. If you are concerned about these facts at more time, then it is solved.

Final words about APK installer APK

All facts are describing the APK installer as must needed app for any android user or pc user who wants to use android apps. Therefore for everyone expecting to use android apps as true android app users, this is the best for that. Even if it is simple and for beginners, it will be the best app to start about android app culture. Use it for one day and see the difference between system installer and APK installer APK like windows notepad and ms office word or internet explorer to chrome.

XAPK Installer APK v4.2 Download for Android Devices

It is now not a problem to install XAPK Files to your Android smartphone or device. The reason is XAPK Installer APK is now available for you to download. This can easily install any XAPK file for your Android device without any difficulty. Here are steps to download this app for your device for free. This is a simple and easy app to download and install. Also, It is very convenient to use.

xapk installer apk


What is XAPK Installer APK?

In earlier times installing OBB files to an installed APK is a difficult problem. OBB contains all the media, graphics, and other data for an app. Normally after installing APK files you have to download the OBB file through the app or you have to install it manually. Sometimes you get errors. After the introduction of the XAPK file format, it comes with the APK and OBB files attached. So no more manual OBB Installation. But the problem here is you cannot install this new file format with the Android APK installer. It does not compatible with it. So along with the new file format, XAPK Installer APK comes as the solution for installing this new file extension.

How to Download and Install XAPK Installer Apk

XAPK Installer APK Download

Click the download button above to download XAPK Installer Apk for your Android device. Follow all the instructions mentioned here to install it correctly.

  1. Download the XAPK Installer APK using the download button above, to begin with. This is free to download.
  2. You must allow unknown sources to install third-party apps. So go to your Android device settings and enable unknown sources. Otherwise, you cannot install Apk.
  3. Then go to your download folder or the folder that you use to keep downloaded files. Then open the downloaded apk file.
  4. Using the APK installer finish the installation of the app.
  5. Finally, you can find the installed app on your App Drawer.

Best Features and Functions

  • Automatic Scan – You don’t have to find XAPKs and APKs manually to install. All that files on your device are already scanned and display on the app.
  • Delete Files – If you don’t want some APKs and XAPKs on your device then you can delete them via the app easily.
  • Installing regional locked apps = If some apps are not available on your region, then XAPK Installer APK can easily install them on your device.
  • Easy to use – The interface of the app is very convenient. Therefore, any user can understand what to do with the app.

How to Use

This tool is simple and convenient. Therefore, using this is no brainer. First, you have to open the app after the installation and allow it to auto-scan your device storage. Then select the apps you want to install. Click the install button on the right side of the screen next to the app. That is it. No more steps for you to follow.

Is XAPK Installer APK Free?

Of course. This tool is published as a freeware. So anyone can easily download it from this site and use it for free. Also can use in any region or country without any restrictions.

XAPK Vs APK File Formats – Differences and Uses

It is necessary to talk about XAPK vs APK file-formats battle. Both of these file formats are used by the Android platform to install Android apps. But if you are interested in more that follow the information below about XAPK vs APK.

xapk vs apk

What is an APK File?

APK is the abbreviation for Android Package Kit. Sometimes it also called as Android Application Package. This is the main file extension or the file format that Android use for the installation of apps and distribution. This file format has the components that needed to install an app on an Android device.

You are familiar with the EXE file format when you are using the Windows. It is using to install apps to the PC. So as that APK is the file format on Android to install apps. The Sideloading is the name for manual installation of apps on Android using the APK files

Google Play Store is the main app store to download apps for Android. When you download from it, it will do the downloading and installation process for you without manual interactions. The apps extracted from the Play Store are available on the other alternative Android stores to download as APK files.

Uses of APK files

There are some benefits that you can get from sideloading or manual APK installing. The main benefit is you don’t have to wait for the updates of apps for your device. Sometimes Google Apps takes time to release updates to every device. So you have to wait till it is available for your device. When you download and install APK file you don’t have to wait that long. You can just download and install it.

Google Play is the largest app store for Android but it does not have all the apps. There are some apps that are not available on the Google Play Store. The alternative Android stores that provide such kind of Apks for Android devices. But you have to understand the risk of getting malware from these stores. So you have to go to a reputed alternative Android store to download these apks.

The Battle Between XAPK vs APK

XAPK file is also a package just like the APK file. This kind also used to install Android apps to the devices. The difference between XAPK vs APK is apk does not have OBB files but XAPK has both APK and OBB files. The OBB File has the Graphics, Media Files, and other valuable data that support the app. The Other main difference of XAPK vs APK is, XAPKs is not available in Google Play Store but they are available in other alternative Android stores.

There are some similarities between XAPK vs APK files. Both file formats can be installed manually on the device. But normal installer does not support XAPK files. So you have to download an XAPK Installer to install these files.

Another XAPK vs APK difference is you cant unzip an APK file but you can unzip an XAPK file.

The highest size of XAPK vs APK file combat wins the XAPK. As it has all the OBB files it is much sizer than the APKs

XAPK Installer